Software defined system

Software Defined Systems

Reduce capital expenditure though virtualization

Improve efficiency

Media organizations are always looking to reduce capital expenditure so with ‘virtualization’ closely on the horizon many companies are looking to use data centers and software defined systems to reduce working capital, operational costs and improve efficiencies, so ultimately moving challenging capex to opex.

The aspiration is to outsource IT requirements to Web Service Providers to maximize staff productivity and free up high capital expenditure while reducing complex operational costs. SAM is completely committed to realizing this vision, therefore we have developed real world pure software systems to deploy today and test these environments.

Dynamic resource allocation

We have expanded our expertise in these domains to understand the limits of what is possible with today’s data center and virtualization technology. Admittedly SDC is in its infancy with standardization still uncertain. At SAM we acknowledge and work with the technology to develop what we believe is a solution to help media organizations transition into their virtual workflows without disruptive upheaval and expensive installations.

If your ambition is to create the successful dynamic computing resource allocation embraced by other industries then you should speak with SAM’s experts to discuss your future transition and how we can offer a Software Defined Channel solution.

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