Media Biometrics

Media Biometrics

Technology for the generation of signatures from video, audio and metadata

Media Biometrics technology

Management by exception

Media organizations are constantly facing pressure to reduce cost from their operations in order to maintain a healthy business where by far the highest cost is their production staff.

Consider a world which allows you to automate many of the processes you currently rely on skilled, expensive staff to perform. A technology that’s capable of informing you rapidly that media is in the wrong place at the wrong time, a technology which automatically detects and corrects lip sync issues and verified that all your audio channels were mapped to appropriate channels correctly. Consider an intelligent technology for truly managing by exception in complex media environments.

Such a technology exists now. Media Biometrics is SAM’s proprietary technology for the generation of signatures from video, audio and metadata.

An Introduction to Media Biometrics

Unique signatures monitor and verify

Using SAM’s unique signatures, our Media Assurance Solution allows you to monitor and verify your media through every step of your media production ecosystem. This technology can be applied to both live and file-based environments, and signatures may be transported in IP or file containers such as MXF.

Creating a Media Assurance Solution to fulfil your needs couldn’t be easier, as our solution comprises of two simple elements:

An MBG can create signatures for audio, video and metadata and an AP provides the comparison of two sets of signatures.

Media Biometrics Generators (MBG):


IQSAM00 2 Channels SDI and Audio Media Biometrics Generator + Single Signal Assurance Point (Shipping Now)
  • Standalone or IP integration with SigMA


8 Channels SDI and Audio Media Biometrics Generator (October 2015)
  • IP Integration with SigMA or SAM00


8 Channels SDI and Audio Media Biometrics Generator, IP integration with SigMA


Media Biometrics Generators available on all 64 O/Ps, IP Integration with SigMA

Sirius 800 

Media Biometrics Generators available on all integrated MV I/Ps, IP Integration with SigMA


Media Biometrics Signal Assurance Technology (AP):


IQSAM00 Single Signal Assurance Point + 2 Channels SDI and Audio Media Biometrics Generator (Shipping Now)


The Complete Management Environment (Shipping Now)


Media Assurance Software (Shipping Now)


Resilient to all forms of processing

Our extensive experience and know how in advanced media processing has enabled us to engineer a technology which is resilient to all forms of media processing such as:

Having listened to the needs of our customers we are confident our Media Biometrics technology is in their best interests. In addition to dedicated MBGs in our IQ Modular series, we’re also implementing the technology into our existing product portfolio including ICE playout solutions, Kahuna Production Switchers and the Sirius 800 Router series.

The Power Of Media Biometrics Media Assurance Solutions


Our Media Biometrics have been awarded winners in the TVB Europe and TV Technology Europe categories at the recent IBC Event in Amsterdam.

 TV Technology and TVB Europe awards



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