High Dynamic Range

End-to-End support through SAM systems

The future is bright and vibrant!

In today’s consumer-driven media marketplace, competition for viewers is intense. To thrive in this changing landscape, you will need to take advantage of the full toolset. Where other vendors see UHD TV as simply HD with more pixels, at SAM we know that TV has much more to offer.  In particular we know that wide color gamut and high dynamic range and not tied to resolution, offering customers multiple opportunities into the future.

High Dynamic Range: Today’s advanced displays can reproduce much brighter and darker imagery than was possible in HD. So SAM's Quantel Rio already supports higher dynamic range, which translates to brighter highlights and increased detail in the grayscale, both of which can be easily perceived by viewers.

More colors: SAM already supports Rec. 2020 color space, which can reproduce colors that are impossible to represent in HD. Where HD Rec. 709 color space covers only 36% of the viewable color gamut (as defined by the CIE 1931 color system), Rec. 2020 covers more than twice Rec. 709s color gamut - a difference that translates to heightened realism for the viewer.


Combined benefits are extraordinary

So even though the difference between 1080p HD and 4K can be difficult to discern in today’s typical home viewing environments, the combined visual benefit of higher resolution, higher dynamic range, wider color gamut, and always progressive frames is impossible to miss.

SAM's Live Production Systems for HDR and WCG

From the basis of our knowledge of color science in Quantel Rio, SAM is developing its support for HDR and WCG across its product portfolio.  While we are already transparent in many of our products (where 10 bit video signals are passed through unprocessed) we are adding support where image manipulation is necessary such as video mixing, conversion or processing.

Our commitment to you is to develop support for these technologies right across our product portfolio and to enable our customers to make maximum benefit of technological progress.  Please see SAM statement on High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) Support to understand where we are today and where we will be over the coming months.