Cloud / Datacenter

Cloud / Datacenter

Realizing agile and elastic media processing and delivery

Cloud/Datacenter technology

Software services enable the cloud

The proliferation in the ways consumers view media and the associated explosive growth in volume is fundamentally changing the media industry. Whilst previous technology transitions, such as standard definition to high definition, have been impactful never before has the industry faced such fundamental changes to the underlying business models.

From content creators, to aggregators and companies that deliver to the end consumer there is a need for agile solutions that can change and scale to meet constantly changing demands. Fortunately, we are at a tipping point with technology that means processes that have been the domain of highly specialized hardware solutions can now be achieved with software running on commodity IT hardware. Once services are in a pure software form the ability to rapidly create instances in a datacenter or on a cloud platform can be enabled.

Pioneering the new

SAM has pioneered a number of technologies that enable services to migrate to datacenter models, such as our Alchemist XF and Quasar XF image processing products, through to web enabled editing with Go!

Elsewhere in our product ranges we are rolling out full playout solutions that can run in virtual machine environments, with Morpheus and ICE SDC, SAM has shown the ability to create an instance of a fully operational playout channel in four minutes.

In addition to migrating processes to software a second challenge is getting high quality video in and out of the datatcenter. SAM’s strategy here is to provide flexible options to existing infrastructure that allows customers to adopt IP as a viable alternative to SDI at a pace that suits their businesses.