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At SAM, we see 4K (UHD TV) as an opportunity for our customers. Compelling event television deserves to be delivered to your audience with immersive vision and sound. Not like before with more pixels, better than ever.  4K isn’t just more pixels alone, it’s a new technology generation from glass to glass supporting higher data rates, wider color space, higher dynamic range, larger image sizes, new signal interfaces, recording and replay methods…..almost everything has to change. 

In the high pressure world of live, high value content creation, the last thing production staff want to do is learn everything again, from scratch. That’s why SAM has developed its 4K technology from rock solid product legacy and made all the changes on the inside.

Make the complex, simple

The Kahuna production switcher pushed mixed format live production forward with the introduction of FormatFusion3 technology.  This is an engine that can translate different signal from one format to another in real time built inside the switcher.  Not only that, it was available for use on every input and output on the switcher offering total flexibility and transparency to the engineers and operators.  Once a production format was chosen for the internal processing of the switcher, any aberrant signal type going in is converted to that format.  If other deliverables are required from that production, another output engine transforms to the new delivery standard.  No other consideration was required in mixed SD/HD standards.

Today the challenge has moved onward to 4K.  Our production switchers offer the same input and output flexibility, but above that operate internally as fully capable 4K switchers.  Accepting all 4K formats including quad split or 2SI, mode A or B in 3G SDI and working internally as a 4K switcher, HD and other signals can be upscaled to 4K on input or downscaled on output.  Once set up, the Operator can simply operate just like they’re working in SD or HD without the inflexible work-arounds offered by other switchers.

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