Advanced FX training videos

View our full FX training playlist or view the individual videos below:

1. Rio V4 New features

2. Rio V4.3 RAW Color Workflow

3. Open & Closed Captioning with Rio

4. How to animate using Rio’s Keyframe Controller

5. Quantel Rio - Revolver Color Tool

6. Quantel Rio - New Auxiliary Clip Grading and Manipulation

7. Did you know about Quantel Rio’s Calendar Widget?

8. Did you know there are two ways of making your tracking keyframe smoother?

9. Did you know you can re-link offline media on Quantel Rio?

10. Dual Monitor Support for SAM editors

11. OpenFX Plugin Support for Quantel Rio

12. Quantel Rio - Inserting keyframes on every effects parameter

13. Quantel Rio V3 - New Features

14. An Introduction to Quantel Rio

15. Quantel Rio - RGB plane grading and master RGB curves

16. Quantel Rio - Reels and Storyboards

17. Quantel Rio - Paint and Palette Tool

18. Quantel Rio - Text Tool