Build and install support

Build and project manage your new system

Build and install support

Systems architecture and project management - Use our expertise to build and project manage your new system

As they build and install your system, SAM’s specialist project managers and engineers adhere to a tried and tested methods

A detailed statement of work covering specification, schedule and budget, takes the project from initial configuration of hardware and software to on-site deployment and a phased handover to your key technical and operational people.

Systems architecture

Requirements capture
To plan and specify an integrated solution that precisely meets your needs, SAM’s system architects document your fundamental requirements in a thorough, structured fashion before moving on to discussions and workshops with project stakeholders. After consolidating, analyzing and refining all the information gathered, they will make clear, insightful recommendations on the architecture of the system.
System design consultancy
As our systems architects capture and analyze your requirements, they review workflow and processes in detail. Before designing and specifying the system in full, they will highlight opportunities for achieving maximum efficiency and performance.
Change management planning
As you introduce a new media and broadcast system or update and upgrade components, you can rely on SAM’s know-how in managing change, gained over years of specifying, building and upgrading systems for our clients. By considering your organization’s structure and workings in the implementation plan, our systems architects reduce potential short-term disruption and maximize the long-term benefits of your new equipment.
System architecting
Architecting draws together all the elements that will shape your system: captured requirements, system inputs and outputs, workflow, system availability, legacy infrastructure, change management, future expansion and, of course, your budget. Drawing on this information, and exercising all their skill and judgement, our systems architects then produce your system design. Accompanying it is a specification pack to ensure smooth implementation to an agreed plan.
Technical demonstrations
At any time during the design process, SAM’s systems architects will stage a technical demonstration of key elements of the proposed system, providing a practical foretaste of your new or upgraded media and broadcast system.

Project management and implementation

Project management
SAM’s highly trained project managers take responsibility for the end-to-end delivery of media or broadcast systems incorporating SAM technology. These could range from smaller projects where you simply need more resources through to large and highly complex systems.
Pre-shipment configuration
Prior to shipping equipment to the client, our project implementation team will install all SAM software and configure PC servers to agreed specifications for your environment and network. This favors efficient system integration once the equipment is on-site and avoids delays when end-to-end testing.
Commissioning focuses on system specific configuration, integration and testing as our engineers bring your system into full service. Subsequently, through regular assessment of your environment, including risk management procedures and the provision of responsive, responsible support – we will help ensure the consistent, cost-effective performance of your media or media and broadcast system.
Remote configuration
Authorized SAM engineers can login remotely to your system to carry out basic configuration and effect minor changes promptly, at a time convenient to you – with no site-visit costs. At all times we will follow best practice, consistently protecting your system’s stability and integrity.
Hands-on training
Once commissioning is complete, it is standard practice for SAM engineers to provide informal, but authoritative handover training to key technical and operational staff, covering system capabilities, configuration, operation and maintenance.
System acceptance
SAM’s acceptance service ensures that the system meets all of your technical and operational expectations. At an agreed project milestone, once commissioning is complete, our project implementation team will take you through a comprehensive system acceptance process, this will confirm that the system is ready for everyday use by your trained personnel.
System documentation
As the project nears completion, SAM’s project implementation team will provide you with full documentation of the system’s final functional specifications and all the necessary schematics for the connectivity of your SAM products and interconnected third party devices. Where appropriate, a set of software and hardware handbooks will also be supplied.
Confidence engineering

Our products are intuitive to operate, but, during the adoption phase for your new equipment, your team could still benefit from the on-site presence of SAM specialists. They are at hand to share knowledge and accustom your team to handling everyday situations with unfamiliar technology. Overall, we will make every effort to ensure a smooth transition.