IQUDC32 - 3G/HD/SD-SDI Up, Down and Cross Converter with AES I/O

IQUDC32 - 3G/HD/SD-SDI Up, Down and Cross Converter with AES I/O

The IQUDC32 provides multi-rate format conversion and AES embedding and de-embedding for 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals. Using high quality motion adaptive de-interlacing and flexible scaling technology the IQUDC32 is a broadcast quality conversion module able to handle a wide variety of common applications such as up-conversion for SD content repurposing on HD channels, or downconversion to maintain SD output feeds.

IQUDC32 includes a frame synchronizer, capable of referencing to a SD bi-level or HD tri-level reference and a variable aspect ratio converter with reading and writing of WSS, VI and 2016 AFD signalling. Audio handling includes 8 user configurable AES inputs or outputs, audio channel routing, delay adjustment and level controls. Video metadata such as timecode, closed captions and teletext captions can also be passed through the module or processed according to the required output standard.

To allow the module to be further tailored to system requirements software options are available to provide noise reduction and side-bar keying, and versions are available with SFP cages enabling fiber conversion or additional electrical outputs on HDBNCs.


  • High quality up, down and cross conversion including conversion aperture control
  • Frame synchronizer with HD Tri-sync / SD Bi-Level Reference Input and input loss detection
  • Aspect ratio conversion including preset ARC maps relative to conversion modes, selectable pan, tilt, aspect, size, and output crop adjustments
  • Aspect ratio control (signalling reading and writing) using ETSI WSS and AFD Video Index signaling (RP186, SMPTE 2016)
  • Video proc. features include: gain, offset, hue, horizontal and vertical picture enhancement, and RGB gamut legalization
  • Metadata support - Closed caption passing or processing for CEA608/708 and OP42/OP47/WST captions, VITC or SMPTE12M timecode translation, and Ancillary data bridge for 7 blocks of ANC data passing
  • Additional processing options including; noise reduction (adaptive spatial and recursive), side-bar keying and linear frame rate conversion
  • 8 AES audio I/O, balanced or unbalanced, available to/from any processed internal pair, and audio proc. features including: channel routing, gain, invert, delay and eight internal tone generators
  • Processing for 16 channels of embedded audio present on the incoming SDI stream with no disturbance during video synchronizer frame wraps or drops
  • Non-PCM processing features pair level routing and delay compensation. Dolby-E data is passed with a delay to match the video and with co-timed audio frame drop or repeat
  • Dolby E support – Detection of PCM/non-PCM audio to SMPTE 337/338M, pair routing and Dolby E header re-alignment
  • In-built test pattern generator and 19 character scrolling caption generator
  • Integrated Fiber I/O support via SFP module
  • 16 x user memories and 2 GPI/O ports

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