Archangel Ph.C-HD

Archangel Ph.C-HD

Realtime frame-by-frame restoration

High quality realtime restoration

ArchangelTM Ph.C-HD is an advanced SD and HD restoration system with realtime dirt, dust, grain, noise, scratch, instability and flicker removal. Archangel Ph.C-HD unlocks the value of existing assets, ensuring that SD and HD content can be distributed in superb quality.

Alternative to frame-by-frame restoration

Archangel Ph.C-HD also brings significant improvements to workflows by maximizing the amount of restoration that will be completed in realtime. A viable and highly cost-effective alternative to frame by frame restoration, Archangel Ph.C-HD enables content restoration to the highest quality.

How to buy

Technical summary

  • Remove defects from video content in realtime
  • Timeline control for precise scene-by-scene repair
  • SD and HD support including integrated up/down conversion - enables multiple deliverables from one source
  • On-screen condition meters to support rapid restoration
  • Dead pixel repair