Alchemist PH.C-HD

Alchemist PH.C-HD

Alchemist delivers the cleanest and most detailed format and framerate conversions

Gold standard format and framerate conversion

Content owners around the world demand AlchemistTM by name because it delivers the cleanest and most detailed conversions ever – even with highly dynamic content. Alchemist Ph.C-HDTM utilizes unique phase correlation-based motion estimation to produce images that are clear, sharp and free from motion artifacts.

Multiple HD standards without degradation

With Alchemist Ph.C-HD, 1080p and high-definition content including newssports, live events and entertainment programming can now be broadcast around the globe in multiple high- definition standards and formats without degradation of image quality. Alchemist Ph.C-HD automatically processes image movement to produce clear, smooth motion with the widest range of input material on the largest 1080p and HD video display.

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Securing overall performance is essential to maintaining end-user satisfaction, which in turn results in sustaining and growing revenue. It is important to take steps to limit the risk of incidents taking place through fault prevention and planning and, if incidents do occur, to ensure that downtime is as short as possible.

To ensure you get the most from your investment, SAM offers comprehensive support packages to suit your needs. Built on a foundation of over 30 years’ experience in supporting broadcast and post-production systems, SAM Care provides a highly skilled 24x7 technical help desk, committed response times, software maintenance support and operates a worldwide spare parts service from over 20 warehouse locations across the globe.

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Features & Benefits

Multiple HD standards without degradation:

  • 1080p, HD and SD standards conversion
  • Advanced format conversion (up, down & cross)
  • Simultaneous conversion to two different formats (same framerate)
  • 3Gbps 1080p
  • FilmTools for handling film and mixed cadence media
  • comprehensive support for CEA608 and CEA708 (closed captions)
  • extensive timecode support
  • Redundant PSU
  • 3RU frame
  • RGB legalization

As with all SAM infrastructure products, Alchemist Ph.C-HD is ready for centralized set up and monitoring through the RollCall network management system or SNMP.

Alchemist Ph.C-HD also provides the ability to transcode CEA608 captions to/from CEA708 compatibility bytes and pass native CEA708 to CEA 708 whilst performing a standards conversion, cross conversion, up/down conversion.

Embedded Audio Audio Control
Embedded Audio Audio Control
Sequence Detection Audio Source Selection
Sequence Detection Audio Source Selection
Timecode Control Output Cadence Control
Timecode Control Output Cadence Control