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Real world experience to help our customers make their next move

SAM is a 4K UHD technology pioneer and has been involved with multiple world firsts and we are sharing those experiences and know-how with our customers.  Our Kahuna production switcher and Sirius 800 router technology were used to overcome the transmission and production challenges with Europe’s first UHD broadcast channel, BT Sport‘s BT Ultra HD.  Our switchers, routers, conversion technologies, servers, automation and playout have been deployed to power North America's first UHD broadcast channel at Rogers Media, a core division of Canadian media giant Rogers Communications.  We have successfully translated our 4K editing, color and finishing experience with the Quantel Rio series – indeed 8K – across our whole product portfolio.

To operate in 4K is very easy, it's exactly the same as HD except the quality of the picture is a million times better - Martyn Coates, TD Freelancer

The World Cup and beyond

Today, SAM offers a complete range of 4K and UHD solutions for content production and distribution – from editing and finishing tools to production servers, replay and highlights,  production switchers, routers, as well as format and standards converters. These all benefit from the same highly ergonomic user interface and real-time performance and flexibility customers have come to expect from SAM. That’s why SAM was chosen as the UHD production editing platform for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It’s why Timeline chose SAM’s Kahuna UHD switcher for its UHDTV OB unit – the first in Europe – for BT Sport’s UHD TV channel and it’s why Rogers Media in Canada chose SAM for its UHD master control and playout solution.

For us, UHDTV is all about empowering our customers to create ever more compelling content and to deliver an ever more immersive viewing experiences. Whether you’re broadcasting a live sporting event, editing a TV drama, or finishing a feature film for theatrical release, SAM helps you take advantage of all that UHDTV has to offer, cost-effectively.

Ultimate precision and problem solving

Our expertise with ultimate precision imagery has enabled SAM customers to work in UHD and 4K (and higher) for years, taking advantage of increased spatial resolution, high dynamic range and broader color space to tell more compelling stories. Our products make UHD work like HD in terms of operation.

The nightmare of wrangling with 4K and UHD files and associated bandwidth consumption is a thing of the past with our UHD sQ Server and production technology. Using our abundant expertise, we have also solved the issues of up/down and cross conversion for UHD and 4K files and streams with our UHD1000 and Alchemist XF series. We‘ve also implemented UHD open standard, royalty-free compression technology in our IP-Edge-enabled products. For SAM’s customers 4K UHD is not a cost, it’s an opportunity.

Business opportunity

Beyond improving the visual and audio quality of content, UHDTV enables our customers to pursue new business opportunities.

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Expanding product suite now supporting UHD production with 12G-SDI

12G-SDI is an economic and operational choice that you may want to make for your business.  If UHD is one element of improving your offer to customers, yet increasing complexity or changing operational processes are things you want to avoid then 12G-SDI is the right answer for you.  This offers familiar coaxial cable based systems design while at the same time enabling 4K/UHD resolution images.

To that end we have added interfaces to all of the key components of live production, sports and delivery systems.  These include the following product groups.


Leaders in 4K UHD Playout & Master Control Solutions
Leaders in 4K

UHD Playout & Master Control Solutions

Watch our 12G-SDI Solutions video: