Using SAM’s IP-Edge - An SDI to IP Live Signal Routing Transition for All

18/03/2016 Snell Advanced Media

This paper seeks to offer a sensible, risk free, measured approach to an SDI to IP transition for live, real time streams. It will describe an upgrade and migration path that will allow businesses to expand in both SDI and IP based stream counts (read – router sizes) with complete interoperability between the two types of stream. This approach avoids a fork-lift upgrade of infrastructure and the associated massive investment required, while at the same time preventing the sort of nightmare standards ‘dead-ends’ currently attracting customers for IP live stream systems. It will show that, by novel SDI router design, coupled with rigidly standards based interface development, SAMTM has been able to solve this dilemma and reduce the risk of investing in equipment that should have an economic lifetime somewhere between 5 and 10 years.

Building a future in IP can start right now using SAM’s IP-Edge capability, and without wasting the investment you’ve already made in SDI live infrastructure.