Workbench: Router Configuration and Control

Workbench: Router Configuration and Control

Universal control and monitoring for any arrangement of devices


Router configuration and control

Workbench is a software application which allows the creation and customization of router control scenarios, modular product monitoring and control systems, with highly flexible alarm and status reporting options.

Universal control and monitoring with redundancy

Workbench control and monitoring scales easily from single-instance control panel operations to more complex scenarios where multiple control products run across a network using standard TCP/IP. SAM and third-party protocols enable connections between devices under Workbench control which will operate independently in the event connection to the data layer (SQL Server) is lost. If required, device drivers can use an embedded, hot swappable controller with dual redundant power and running a real time operating system. This combination offers the ultimate in resilient design.

User roles and design control

With user authentication and roles, Workbench operations are assigned to people to reflect their needs.

Workbench offers a powerful design tool for any style of user interface. Every
aspect of the interface is customizable with screens ranging from clear and
functional, to radical designs for the more creative.

Technical summary

  • Operates on COTS Windows 7 PC
  • Requires SQL Server Express
  • User roles and authentication
  • Support of SAM routers including Pyxis
  • TCP/IP, SNMP supported
  • Compatibility with RollCall
  • Compatible with the Nebula and Nucleus range of router controllers






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