Vega 100 Series

Vega 100 Series

Security, flexibility and signal processing in three compact sizes

Security, flexibility and signal processing in three compact sizes

The Vega router series is ideal for mid-size routing applications that need video and audio routing with powerful processing yet at an affordable price point.

With clean and quiet switching available across the range for fault free operation for emergency bypass, synchronization on inputs and outputs, input embedding and multi-format and multi-level routing, the Vega routers go beyond the normal routing capabilities.

The Vega range offers hybrid audio routing for de-embedding, embedding and track swapping along with AES and MADI interfaces for audio mixer interconnections. All video and audio can be controlled via multiple platforms including web, soft panels, hardware panels and external control systems. All this and 4K capable for all UHDTV productions, the Vega range is the ideal routing solution that exceeds other routers in its class.

Vega 100 series – a range of modular routers offering flexibility for video and audio routing.

The Vega 100 series is available in three models, Vega 200, 400 and 700. All offer total flexibility with configurable I/O in any mixture of physical interfaces such as coax, fiber, HDMI, balanced and unbalanced AES and MADI.  Input embedding and clean and quiet switching is available on all outputs if you desire, it’s up to you how you configure your Vega 100 router series.

Available in SDI, ASI and 4K as standard the Vega router range is the perfect solution for applications such as House of Worship, OB trucks, playout, entertainment and flyaway packs who command stability with full redundancy and fast configuration in such flexible environments.

Key features

  • Hybrid video and audio routing
  • Embedded, AES and MADI audio routing
  • Audio track shuffling
  • Input Embedding
  • Clean and quiet switching
  • Line synchronization
  • Ultra resilient
    • Redundant PSUs, controllers, crosspoints and fans

Flexible hybrid video and audio routing

Video, AES, Embedded and MADI interconnects for maximum flexibility in multiple audio formats. Balanced and Unbalanced AES connections. Increased system design flexibility. Mixed signal routing in a compact frame. Ideal for small / medium live production in
OBs and studios.

Clean & quiet switching

Clean switching line disturbances, and V fade Audio. Disturbance free on-air master control and switcher bypass applications.

Asymmetric signal routing

Each signal port independently software configured for use as an
input or an output.
No input or output port wastage! Can negate the need for the ‘next size up’ router (particularly for monitoring and distribution
applications). Change the router size without hardware changes.

Multiple video connection options

Coax, fiber SFP and HDMI I/O modules. Spans video physical layer boundaries. Simply route between SDI to HDMI. No need for external fiber or HDMI converters. Reduced cabling, increased reliability. PC graphics and PC monitor routing.

Extensive redundancy options

Dual redundant crosspoints, frame
controllers, power supplies.
Full protection for critical or ‘live’ services. No
loss of revenue from sub-assembly failure!

Ultra compact frame

50% more signal ports than conventional BNC electrical router
for same rack height.
Greater efficiency with reduced racking space & costs. Or more ports for future expansion!

Entry level lower cost alternative

Dedicated 12-port ‘coax only’ SDI rear modules. Minimizes outlay and complexity for‘all-coax’ installations.

Comprehensive set of ‘soft’ and/or ‘hard’ control options

Intuitive ‘plug-n-play’ control software and/or 1RU and 2RU control panels. Multiple solutions for all workflow environments. All can co-exist on one router.


Vega 100 Series - Input/Output Port Configuration

Frame Module Slots Type Port Input/Output Options
Vega 200 8 All ports can be configured as inputs or outputs
Vega 400 16 All ports can be configured as inputs or outputs
Vega 700 36 Video 144 input ports (12 slots)
144 output ports (12 slots)
144 configuration (input or output) ports (12 slots)
Audio 144 output ports (12 slots)
144 configuration (input or output) ports (12 slots)


Input/Output Module Types

Type No. of Channels Input Output
SDI coax 12 Yes Yes
SDI SFP 12 (6 HDMI) Yes Yes
SDI Input Processing 9 Yes No
SDI Output Processing 9 No Yes
Audio Crosspoint & MADI I/O 6 in + 6 out Yes Yes
AES Balanced 24 pairs (takes 2 slots) Yes Yes
AES Unbalanced 24 pairs (takes 2 slots) Yes Yes

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