Vega – Configurable Asymmetric Port Router

Vega – Configurable Asymmetric Port Router

Flexible routing with the ultimate in user-configurable ports

Asymmetric routers

Compact Vega routers don’t have conventional fixed inputs and outputs – Vega has ports, individually configurable as inputs or outputs. This makes Vega the most flexible routing solution available. Where asymmetric sizes are needed, this saves space and cost. In applications where frequent configuration changes are needed, Vega input and output ports can be reconfigured in seconds from a web browser – no hardware changes required! Vega’s flexible design is available in three frame sizes: 

  • 2RU – 1x95 to 95x1
  • 4RU – 1x191 to 191x1
  • 7RU – 144x288 to 288x144

Or any size in between.
In square sizes, that’s 48x48 in 2RU, 96x96 in 4RU, and a massive 216x216 in just 7RU.

In addition, each port can be video on copper or fibre, or Audio on coax or balanced connectors.
That’s the kind of flexibility that broadcasters and rental, flyaway systems and OB trucks demand to meet current and future needs without having to replace or reconfigure critical infrastructure.

Routers for monitoring and distribution

In monitoring and distribution applications, Vega’s fully asymmetric routing minimizes I/O port wastage, saving as much as 50% in space and cost compared with conventional systems. Control is via a browser-based plug-and-play GUI, complemented by hardware control panels and external control systems.

Copper and fiber router connections

With Vega, all coaxial copper and fiber boundaries are bridged without the need for external media converters. All signal inputs are independently configurable for coax or fiber using the appropriate SFP ‘plugin’ modules. Or for more cost critical applications, dedicated coax options are available – all fully configurable as input or output.

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Securing overall performance is essential to maintaining end-user satisfaction, which in turn results in sustaining and growing revenue. It is important to take steps to limit the risk of incidents taking place through fault prevention and planning and, if incidents do occur, to ensure that downtime is as short as possible.

To ensure you get the most from your investment, SAM offers comprehensive support packages to suit your needs. Built on a foundation of over 30 years’ experience in supporting broadcast and post-production systems, SAM Care provides a highly skilled 24x7 technical help desk, committed response times, software maintenance support and operates a worldwide spare parts service from over 20 warehouse locations across the globe.

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Three frames are available, all with redundant PSU, crosspoint, controller and fan options, making Vega the most resilient router available, in sizes from 12x12 to 216x216.

  •  2RU 1x95 to 95x1
  • 4RU 1x191 to 191x1
  • 7RU 144x288 to 288x144
Any mixture of:
  • SDI Video
    • SD/ASI, HD, 3G
    • Fixed Coax HD-BNC
    • SPF Copper & Fibre
  • AES audio
    • Balanced
    • Unbalanced
  • Inputs or Outputs
    • Software confi gurable
Ultra resilient
  • Redundant PSUs, Controllers, Crosspoints and Fans
Asymmetric signal routing
Each signal port independently configured for use as an input or an output No input or output port wastage! Can negate the need for the ‘next size up’ router (particularly for monitoring and distribution applications).
Flexible mixed video and audio routing
Video and AES audio I/O modules can be mixed in any combination in a frame. Balanced and Unbalanced AES connections are available. Increased system design flexibility allowing mixed signal routing in a compact frame.
Coaxial copper and/or fiber connectivity
HD-BNC and/or LC fiber SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) I/O modules. Spans all coax and fiber physical layer boundaries. No need for external fiber media converters greatly reducing cabling and equipment inventories.
Extensive redundancy options
Dual redundant crosspoints, frame controllers, power supplies. Full protection for critical or ‘live’ services. No loss of revenue from sub-assembly failure!
Ultra compact frame
50% more signal ports than conventional BNC electrical router for same rack height. Greater efficiency with reduced racking space & costs. Or simply more ports for future system expansion!
Entry level lower cost alternative
Dedicated 12-port ‘electrical only’ SDI rear modules (fiber connectivity not required). Minimizes outlay and complexity for ‘all-coax’ installations.
Comprehensive set of ‘soft’ and/or ‘hard’ control options
Intuitive ‘plug-n-play’ control software and/or 1RU and 2RU control panels. Multiple solutions for all workflow environments.

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