UHD and IP Conversion

UHD and IP Conversion

Utility UHD conversion, SAM’s UHD Standards Conversion solutions

SAM UHD1000 up/down/audio Conversion for UHD SDI systems

UHD1000 is a flexible UHD-1 processing unit able to process and translate both Quadrant (square division) and 2SI (two sample interleave) quad-link formats. Converting to or from 4K to HD/SD allows repurposing of existing assets, and all common video and audio processing tasks are also covered. Find out below how the UHD1000 is used in SAM’s UHD real time standards conversion solutions.


  • Repurpose existing HD content – up convert for distribution over UHD channels
  • Service existing HD channels – down convert UHD content for simulcast on mainstream HD services
  • UHD interfacing - translate between 2SI and square division workflows for maximum signal compatibility
  • UHD signal processing - synchronize, adjust and enhance, or process audio with UHD1000s comprehensive control features

SAM UHD Standards Conversion Solutions

Real time standards conversion for ultra-high definition is needed to preserve the high quality expected in international exchanges. SAM has 3 solutions for UHD standards conversion to suit different requirements and budgets

Alchemist for UHD

In SDI based systems there are commonly different methods of transport over physical connection for UHD signals; 12G serial, four wire square division and four wire 2 sample interleave (2SI).  Our testing has revealed that by passing each component of a 3G/s 2SI UHD produces excellent and convenient UHD standards converted results.  If 12G serial or square division transport is the preferred source the SAM’s IQGBX 12G to four wire gear box can be used as both input and output processor.  Should four wire square division signals be preferred the SAM UHD 1000 is an ideal tool for input and output processing, converting easily to and from 2SI.

Cost effective KudosPro Motion compensated UHD conversion

Where budgets are tight and the high cost of phase correlation cannot be justified by using SAM’s motion compensated standards convertors as above with appropriate input and output processing will also yield excellent results.  SAM offers the 1RU processing solution KudosPro Motion MC2000-IQ with two fitted modular IQMCC30 cards.  This provides four channels of motion compensated conversion in just 1RU of space enabling UHD standards conversion in real time.

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  • Frame Synchronization including continuous output on input standard changes
  • SD/HD/3G/UHD up, down and cross conversion with clean cut feature
  • Video proc and powerful picture enhancement tools, including edge enhance and noise reduction
  • 16-channel embedded audio processing and PCM/Dolby audio delay compensation
  • Metadata support including Closed caption, WST, timecode and SMPTE2020 handling
  • Easy to use control options inc. front panel with control lock, and remote via web interface and RollCall
  • Linear motion adaptive frame rate conversion available when up or down converting
  • Automatic Aspect Ratio Conversion with signalling support (SMPTE 2016, L23 ETSI, L23 AFD, VI SMPTE, VI AFD)
  • Balanced AES and analog audio I/O
  • Support for fiber Tx and Rx via SFP
  • Dual PSU as standard

UHD1000 Processing

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