Turnkey - Which package?

Turnkey - Which package?

Choose Professional vs Enterprise Turnkey solution.

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We have created two fantastic packages for you to choose from. The decision depends largely on your perspective towards enterprise or commodity components and your business requirements.

Commodity components are far more cost effective, however enterprise components offer features such as ECC memory (protects against data corruption), redundant power supplies, increased CPU processing power and motherboard bandwidth.

In addition, enterprise hardware offers the ability to install a high speed host bus adapter offering fast connectivity to remote storage (SAN / NAS).

Professional or Enterprise Turnkey Solution.

Here is how they compare

Category Professional Enterprise
Real Time Speed Yes Yes
Form Factor 4U (upright or rack-mounted) 4U (upright or rack-mounted)
CPU Family i7 Xeon
No. of CPUs 1 2
PCI-E Bandwidth per GPU X8 3.0 X16 3.0
GPU Grade Commodity (active cooling) Enterprise (passive cooling)
Redundant PSU No Yes
PSU Efficiency Platinum Titanium
Spare PCI-E Slot No Yes
Memory Non-ECC ECC
IPMI Yes Yes
Storage 1 x 120GB SSD 2 x 240GB SSD
USB 3.0 Yes Yes
Operating System Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 R2
Optional Extras Additional 2TB SATA hard drive (up to 6) Additional 2TB SATA hard drive (up to 7), Dual port fibre channel controller, Dual port 40/56 Gbe QSFP controller, QSFP-SFP+ module

Why choose our solution?

We understand the needs of our software better than anyone else. We have thoroughly studied the demands of simultaneously decoding and encoding popular compressed broadcast formats on a variety of CPUs.

We have mastered which GPUs offer the optimum performance for high end OpenCL media processing and how many PCI lanes are required to unleash the full potential of a multi-GPU system.

We have ensured you have fast memory and enough of it to convert even 4K media! All this combined with our extensive thermal analysis, high powered efficient PSU and a robust, versatile form factor provides solutions worthy of the SAM brand.

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