Turnkey - How to buy?

Turnkey - How to buy?

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You can purchase an Alchemist File and Kronos File Turnkey solution from our fast and secure SAM Store by using a credit card.

Both solutions come in a versatile 4U chassis that can be deployed either upright or rack-mounted.

These will be delivered straight to your address once purchase is complete. 

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SAM File products Professional and Enterprise Turnkey prices


  Alchemist File Professional Turnkey Solution Alchemist File Enterprise Turnkey Solution
USD $24,000 $64,000
GBP £15,000 £40,000
EUR € 20,250 € 54,000


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Turnkey options

Category Professional  Enterprise 
Real Time Speed Yes  Yes
Form Factor 4u (upright or rack-mounted) 4u (upright or rack-mounted)
CPU Family i7 Xeon
No. of CPUs
PCI-E Bandwidth per GPU X8 3.0 X16 3.0
GPU Grade Commodity (active cooling) Enterprise (passive cooling)
Redundant PSU No Yes 
PSU Efficiency Platinum Titanium
Spare PCI-E Slot No Yes 
Memory Non-ECC ECC 
IPMI Yes Yes 
Storage 1 x 120GB SSD 2 x 240GB SSD
USB3.0 Yes Yes 
Operating System Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 R2

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