Standalone and Modular Multiviewers

Standalone and Modular Multiviewers

Simple to deploy System Solutions for multiviewing


MV-820 standalone 48x12 2RU MultiViewer

The MV-820 is a standalone 2RU Multiviewer and part of the MV-8 series. Offering 48 SD/HD sources up to 3Gb/s and up to 12 Multiviewer outputs via HDMI, fibre or BNC this product can form part of a wider routing and multiviewing solution from SAM. This product can also form part of your UHD systems and supports UHD on both inputs and outputs. By using the MV-800 DT Desktop companion multiviewer H264 streams over IP can create desktop multiviews from any network connected workstation.

The MV-820 is a low latency production oriented multiviewer with high quality graphics, simple layout design and fast switching views. Benefiting from complete integration to SAM’s control and monitoring solutions the MV-820 supports industry standard tally and mnemonic protocols. 


MV-Flex Modular SD/UHD Multiviewer

MV-Flex is a 1RU and 3RU modular chassis based multiviewer. This is an ideal solution for use in playout, lines in, signal monitoring, and for live production in studio and OB environments.  Offering up to 19 slots in the 3RU chassis the MV-Flex is made up of control cards, output or input cards in different configurations.  Supporting up to 24 outputs and up to 136 HD inputs the 3RU chassis can also support 34x1 UHD as well as other UHD configurations. In 1RU, four slots can support either inputs or outputs, by using 3 input to 1 output cards 24x4 are possible in HD or 8 x1 in UHD for example.  Contact your SAM representative for more information about this flexible multiviewer.


IQ Modular based IQQSM00 quad split multiviewer

This modular multiviewer is a key component of our IQ Modular series and provides HD quad split monitoring over SDI or HDMI cables up to 1920x1080 output resolutions. The card is capable of accepting up to 3Gb/s sources as inputs.


IQ Modular Based IQIMV00 IP based multiviewer

The IQIMV00 is a modular multiviewer accepting up to 12 inputs over IP via 10GB or 40GB inputs. These sources can be used to produce a local HD or UHD Multiview output in parallel to the same output being streamed in the same HD or UHD resolution over IP networks. Being an IQ Modular card the IQIMV00 can be mixed in the same chassis with other IP products supporting the SAM IP System or other processing functions from the IQ Range. The capabilities of this multiviewer are consistent with the MV-8 series in terms of layout, integration with other systems and graphics capabilities. 

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