Small and Utility Routing

Small and Utility Routing

Multiple SAM solutions quickly solve routing challenges

Multiple SAM solutions quickly solve routing challenges

Small and utility routers are typically between 6x2 and 72x72 for video routing targeting applications where size, weight, power consumption and flexibility advantages are equally important to cost.  SAM has several series of products to solve all your utility routing requirements, all complementary to SAM enterprise or mid-sized routers yet benefiting from consistent build quality, control integration and first class customer support.

Vega 16MV/32MV

Offering two configurations: Vega 16MV offers 16x16 SDI routing plus two 4K multiviewer heads. The Vega 32MV offers two 4K multiviewer output heads but increases the SDI routing capacity to 32x32. 

  • Vega 30 – 34x34 Video router with audio routing and clean & quiet switching

The Vega 30 is designed to be an extremely low cost routing solution but offering SAM’s market leading processing capability built in. A lightweight system yet a powerful processor, the Vega 30 is easy to configure and simple to operate. It includes hybrid audio routing together with embedded and MADI signals, optional clean and quiet switching on all outputs and all within an ultra lightweight  mainframe.

Vega 30

  • Video and Audio routing
    • Clean and quiet switching for smooth transitions
    • De-embedding & embedding for full hybrid routing
    • 3x6 MADI with full audio routing
  • Mix any of these for ultimate flexibility
  • Supports quad link co-timed switching as signal source or destination
  • Line synchronizing outputs
  • Clean and quiet switching outputs for smooth program transitions
  • Dual redundant PSU

Simplified Configuration and Control

The Vega 16MV, Vega 32MV and Vega 30 can be configured simply online via a web application.

Multiple control options are available;

  • Browser control panel for routing and processing
  • Rollcall interface for Luna panel control 
  • General Switcher (SW-P-02) and General Remote (SW-P-08) protocols on Ethernet
  • SNMP control and monitoring

Halo — ASI/SDI and HD/SD/ASI Routing Switcher

Perfect for HD/SD/ASI or low cost SD/ASI switching applications requiring a cost-effective but reliable solution. Halo addresses a range of digital routing requirements with a special focus on redundancy switching in digital cable and satellite applications.

Custom port configuration

Halo’s editable database releases the router’s full potential, supporting combinations of up to 32 control panels, and multiple remote control connections via Ethernet or serial ports.

Redundancy switching with Fanless Operation

The flexibility to select different operating modes, including dual outputs, plus redundant power makes this an ideal choice for redundancy switching requirements. For example, in dual operation one router could switch SDI into MPEG encoders and the second could switch the ASI outputs from the encoders. Low power consumption allows Halo to be fan-less, significantly reducing maintenance.

The Vega Series is available with varying features and specification

  Vega 16MV Vega 32MV Vega 30 Vega 200 Vega 400 Vega 700
Mainframe 1RU 1RU 3RU 2RU 4RU 7RU
Size Video 16 x 16 32 x 32 34 x 34 1 x 95 to 95 x 1 1 x 191 to 191 x1 144 x 288 to 288 x 144
Size Audio     736 x 928 960 x 912
Audio Routing     3 x 6 MADI 6 x 6 MADI
Audio Interfaces
MADI     3 in, 6 out 6 in, 6 out, or dual 3 in with auto failover, dual 3 out
AES     ------- Up to 96 parts Up to 192 parts Up to 288 part 
Embedded     34 outputs with 16 audio channels on each Up to 36 inputs and 33 outputs with 16 audio channels on each
Input Line Sync     ------- green tick green tick green tick
De-embedding red cross red cross green tick green tick green tick green tick
Output Embedding red cross red cross green tick green tick green tick green tick
Output Line Sync red cross red cross green tick green tick green tick green tick
Clean & Quiet Switching Outputs red cross red cross green tick green tick green tick green tick
4K Output green tick green tick        
4K Input green tick green tick        
UMD green tick green tick        
Tally green tick green tick        
Clock green tick green tick        
Alarms green tick green tick        
Dolby Metering green tick green tick        


Vega 16MV & 32 MV features

  • SDI Routing to 3G - 16x16 - 32x32
  • 4K quad link inputs
  • 16 or 32 scalers (separately routed from inputs)
  • 2 multiviewer outputs - 4K UHD HDMI2 - 1080p SDI copy
  • Control from industry standard protocols
  • Hardware control panels or softpanels
  • Simple web browser confi guration and control
  • Redundant PSU option

The Vega 16MV and Vega 32MV are ideal for use in small OB trucks, ENG trucks, smaller studios, and anywhere where high quality 4K monitoring of up to 32 signals is needed


Vega 30 features & benefits

  • Video & audio routing
  • Powerful processing
  • Fast configuration
  • Hardware, soft panel and remote control
  • Powerful processing capability at a very low cost
  • Smaller form factor for saving space
  • Simple browser configuration
  • Flexible control options
  • User upgradable


Halo features

  • Available in sizes from 8 x 8 to 32 x 32
  • HD/SD/ASI or low cost SD/ASI options
  • Flexible operating modes - single or dual outputs. One or two routers in a frame
  • Removable dual redundant power
  • Supports control from management systems and control panels

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