SL Server

SL Server

Slimline, straight-forward, and self-contained video and media server for broadcast production and video switching

Slimline Video Server

The new Slimline or SL video server is a self-contained video or media server for manual or automated ingest, playout and switching workflows. The SL server is configured with different video IO cards and storage options. The SL server models have a prefix of SL 100 and include an embedded Clip Manager software application which provides and manual, or automated ingest/record/playout functionality.

SL Server

The SL server supports both UHD or HD and has been designed for news or sports production and switching. The SL server is ideal for businesses that require a simple and robust media server solution for both manual and automated ingest, playout or a companion for Kula.

The SL servers have been specifically developed for broadcast applications requiring straightforward and robust media management including manual or automated ingest and playout. SL works directly with Kula switchers and within small news production, studio and transmission systems. The SL server uses a combination of optimised hardware, and SAM production proved software for SD, HD and UHD workflows.

The SL Server is a 1RU high server that includes all the hardware, software and video IO in one box. Video IO can be configured for a variety sources and destinations, either SD, HD and UHD. Each video port can be either set to input or output while supporting 16 channels of high-quality audio. The server supports many different frame rates and resolutions that can be completely customised.

The SL server includes the Clip Manager that is used to capture/ingest, trim clips, create playlists and playout individual or groups of clips. Most operations can be completed by an operator or with supported automation and video switching systems like Kula or Morpheus. The Clip Manager is also used to configure the video ports for input or output and SDI format. Using the embedded FTP server, MOV/MXF pre-recorded clips, and TGA file sequences are transferred in and out the SL server.

SL Server screenshots

The SL server can be configured using different IO cards and storage options either 2, 4 or 8 SDI bidirectional ports and 100-200 HD hours of storage. Similarly, the server has an optional IP card, supporting up to four IP streams.

SL Server ports

Different IO cards are matched with various storage capacities to suit the needs of capacity vs. budget.

The SL server can use either black burst or tri-level sync references with 50, 59.94 and 60 Hertz references.

The server can be controlled by using RS-422 and VDCP. Control is managed by the Clip Manager software and is set to Automatic control for automation purposes. LTC input is optionally available via an internal header.

SL Server

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  • The SL 100 model can store up to 200 HD hours of content in 1 rack unit.
  • The SL server can support a variety of SDI, IP and file-based and file sequence media.
  • File sequences are used to share alpha channel based graphics that can be used in Kula by ganged Key and Fill video outputs.
  • The integrated Clip Manager can be used for either manual or automated ingest, capture and playout.
  • Video is stored as MOV or MXF files, and these files can be exchanged via the embedded FTP server.





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