SAM VIBE - News Production

SAM VIBE - News Production

Content everywhere for everyone

Content everywhere for everyone

Best of ShowSAM VIBE is the fastest and most versatile production solution for delivering quality news content to the Web, Social Media and TV. It combines the agility of SAM’s sQ servers with the flexibility of standard IT storage.


  • The power of Rio - delivering your story with simple, easy to use tools for editing all shapes and types of content. Plus all of the Rio features including color, effects and text
  • SAM’s proven sQ server technology and standard IT storage provides true collaborative workflow, sharing projects with ease
  • Fantastic automated editing capabilities. Exporting sequences with effects and graphics straight to your website or to social media couldn’t be easier
  • Automated Render Engines for speed and productivity
  • TV playout under MOS control from your Newsroom Computer
Combine the reliability of sQ server and the flexibility of IT storage and you have the most agile news production solution on the market, without compromising style or production values.

Team collaboration

SAM VIBE is a team-based workflow. Delivering quality content to every platform.

Multi screens

SAM VIBE is flexible, modular and completely scalable to your needs:

  • Browser-based editing and shot selection with Go!
  • Creative editors and full effects tools with Rio and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Asset Management
  • Workflow design and control
  • sQ servers for the fastest video workflows
  • Standard IT storage for open, universal access

Making the move to SAM VIBE

SAM’s technology has always led the world for ease of use, speed and reliability. SAM VIBE will enhance existing sQ Server systems and will adapt and scale to the needs of everyone.

Go! – access content anywhere on any device

Go! ScreenshotGo! is the new cross-platform shot review and selection tool from SAM. Go! enables users to access content from anywhere on almost any devices. See live content, review completed sequences and build your own edits with your phone, tablet or laptop. Stay with the story, wherever you are.

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Rio screenshotEditing with Rio

Rio delivers editing for everyone. From a simple viewer and shot selector, to a breaking news editor, to a fully-featured effects system. Rio takes any content in and delivers any format out.

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sQ Server screen shot

sQ Server and IT Storage

SAM VIBE is a real-time production system. A fully-scalable platform based of a hybrid on a blend of standard IT storage and SAM’s renowned sQ servers. With a unified orchestration layer for the fastest delivery of content to Social Media, the web and TV. 

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