SAM File Framework

SAM File Framework

File based media processing architecture

Why SAM File Framework?

We live and breathe moving images and have done so for 40 years. SAM File provides you with instant and affordable access to SAMs Emmy award winning image processing technology which enables media facilities to guarantee pristine, artifact-free media – first time, every time.

The SAM File framework is a software deployment architecture for processing media files in COTS based computing environments. It allows you to configure, manage and monitor the processing of your file based assets with confidence, shortening turnaround times and enhancing client satisfaction.

Epic scalability

Our framework benefits from a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) which has been engineered to support a range of deployments from a single node through to a cluster of nodes within a data center.

This SOA design philosophy aids your ability to evolve your installation and allow it to grow as your needs change. Whether you want a centralized job queue managing many processing nodes or singular job queues managing individual nodes, our framework can accommodate your requirements.

The more nodes available the increased ability you have to enable parallel processing of a number of media assets.

xFile framework

Flexible licensing

The SAM File framework supports the concept of a “floating” license model. Licenses can be activated against a nominated network license server rather than the hardware responsible for image processing. The primary benefit of this model is many nodes can access a central pool of licenses for “on demand” usage.

Because licenses are not tied to specific nodes, you have the flexibility to use a variety of hardware systems and are free to update this hardware without the need to revoke licenses.

Our licenses are securely locked to the nominated license server hardware removing the need for hardware dongles which are prone to being lost and damaged during everyday use.


Simple integration

The simplest form of automated integration with your workflow management system is achieved using watch folders. Simply nominate a watch folder, drop folder and profile and jobs will automatically be populated into the job queue.

If you seek the next level of control SAM File framework offers simple integration via the standardized FIMS (Framework of Interoperable Media Services) Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface.

FIMS is a framework of service definitions for implementing media related operations using a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) approach. SAM has chosen to support FIMS as we believe doing so will promote interoperability and reusability of services, which will ultimately benefit everyone.

Intuitive interface

Our GUI/client offers simple system configuration and management with intuitive and clear control of the job queue. At a glance you can track which jobs are in progress, see estimated completion times and interrogate both source and destination paths. Job creation is simplified through the use of an integrated browser which offers seamless access to assets on both local and remote shares.

Choose from a selection of preconfigured default profiles or create your own user profile to be applied to a job. Our profile creation widget offers intelligence to help the user generate their desired profile quickly and easily.

Included is a notification system which keeps you up to date with the state of the various framework services and a watch folder configuration widget to quickly and effectively automate the population of your job queue.


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