Router Integrated Multiviewers

Router Integrated Multiviewers

Integrated monitoring solutions for high signal density systems


MV-8 Series for SAM’s Sirius multi-format routers

The MV-8 Series of Multiviewers offer new capabilities for monitoring solutions. Including SDI and IP inputs along with the wide array of configurations possible with video and audio routers means the MV-8 series of Multiviewers are essential components of any forward looking infrastructure. Comprising the router integrated MV-800 and router output card based MV-850, plus the stand alone MV-820 and MV-805 (IP) these Multiviewers offer 4K and desktop-based monitoring as standard.

MV-800 Dedicated Internal Multiviewer

The Sirius 800 routers have dedicated cross points and card slots ready to accept the MV-800 Multiviewers, offering customers a ready solution for dense monitoring of large signal numbers. Each MV-800 unit is able to receive 48 sources of the available router inputs and provide up to 12 multiview outputs from those. The Sirius 830 and Sirius 850 accept two MV-800 cards, with the Sirius 840 offering space for three. For example the Sirius 830 router offers 288x288 video routing in 15 rack unit chassis, plus the ability to support 24 multiview outputs from the two MV-800 units installed.

MV-800 Datasheet

MV-830 Integrated Multiviewer and optional desktop software

A fully featured integrated Multiviewer for the Sirius 830 router with optional MV-800 DT desktop multiviewer software. The MV-830 populates one input and one output slot in the Sirius 830 frame, uniquely the MV-830 also offers 24 router inputs and 24 router outputs, maintaining the routing capability of the slots and offering true source and destination monitoring.

MV-830 Datasheet

MV-850 Output card Multiviewer for the Sirius 840 and 850 routers

Where very high numbers of multiview outputs are required router output based Multiviewers are a great solution. However the downside is normally the loss of router outputs in favour of MV outputs. With the MV-850 all the same features are available for your installation such as h264 proxy generation, MV head IP stream generation and IP, hybrid or SDI inputs. The major advantage of the MV-850 Multiviewer is its ability to maintain the router outputs in parallel to the MV outputs. This means that a 576x1024 Sirius 800 router, when enhanced with, for example, 144 MV outputs remains exactly the same size router. Additionally the number of desktop MV outputs is unlimited as the multi-cast H264 streams are available to as many users as your IP network will allow.

The MV-850 is designed to fit inside the Sirius 840 and Sirius 850 router chassis.

MV-850 Datasheet

MV-800-DT Router integrated Companion Multiviewer

Each of the hardware based MV-8 series Multiviewers, MV-820, MV-800 and MV-830, all generate H264 streams for each of the 48 input signals. These multicast streams can be used in the MV-800 DT desktop Multiviewer to produce local and unique multiviews specific to each individual or application. Functionality of the desktop companion is a close comparison to the MV-8 family members for layout design, information displays etc.

By using the MV-800 DT with the MV-8 series Multiviewers gives you the opportunity to completely re-design the monitoring requirements of your facility. Coupled with the Media Assurance capabilities of SAM’s control systems this product can produce significantly different and beneficial solutions when compared to conventional Multiviewers.

MV-800-DT Datasheet

Vega 16MV and Vega 32MV Routers with Integrated 4K Multiviewer

Vega 16MV and Vega 32MV are 1RU routers with integrated Multiviewer ideal for smaller systems such as OB vehicles, fly-aways or small production studios. Available in two configurations, Vega 16MV offers 16x16 SDI routing plus two 4K multiviewer heads. The Vega 32MV offers two 4K multiviewer output heads but increases the SDI routing capacity to 32x32.

Able to support 4K inputs and outputs means the Vega MV32 also offers 8x8 quad UHD SDI routing plus 8x2 4K output Multiviewer heads.

Vega MV16 & MV32 Datasheet

SAM Multiviewers have been designed to offer significant benefits in any broadcast environment


Live Production
  • Multiple quad splits plus multitile screen layouts (12 x HD to 3 x 4K UHD outputs)
  • UMD and tallies from routing, switchers and third party controllers
  • Integration with third party tally systems
  • Dynamic and static UMDs
  • Clock / timers
  • Multi-channel monitoring and exception alarming for early detection of errors
  • With the Sirius 800 Multiviewer and Sirius 800 Advanced Hybrid Processing (AHP) a common operator control interface for
    AHP and the multiviewer allows an operator to re-arrange or adjust audio tracks.
  • Multi-channel monitoring of video and audio
  • Closed caption and subtitle status
  • Configurable alarms and alerts on failure
  • Customize display by adding channel logos, labels, clocks (with configurable offsets)
  • Display automation playlists, monitor opt-out feeds etc

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