Quasar XF Try or Buy - Free Trial

Quasar XF Try or Buy - Free Trial

Free Trial

Try Quasar XF free for 15 days

Download a free, fully functioning trial of Quasar XF from our store. Simply create an account by entering your details and you will receive a link to download the trial.

After downloading the trial software, please refer to our support page trial installation guides and user guides.

To install the trial version of Quasar XF you need a minimum hardware configuration – see below.

Try your Free Trial

Run Quasar XF on a single AMD GPU for under $200!

Quasar XF supports a wide range of professional and consumer NVIDIA and AMD GPUs to suit your requirements and budget. Trial Quasar XF with an AMD R9 270X GPU for under $200. Discover more about the best choice of GPU for you in the Quasar XF Optimizing Performance Guide


Download Quasar XF Optimizing Guide

SAM Store

Buy software only

You can purchase an Quasar XF license from our fast and secure SAM Store. You will be able to download your software as soon as your purchase is complete.

The license key, required to install your downloaded software, will be immediately available via your SAM Store account after payment has been made.

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