Quasar Ph.C - Motion Compensated HD Converter

Quasar Ph.C - Motion Compensated HD Converter

HD conversion with motion estimation and compensation

Motion compensated HD upconverter

Quasar Ph.C is a motion compensated HDTV upconverter and gives broadcasters the competitive edge by enabling them to produce the consistent, high standard, HD pictures their viewers expect, while maintaining a cost-effective transition to HD.

Detail preservation for stills and action

Quasar Ph.C achieves maximum resolution preserving the fine detail in graphics and sharpness of text for stills. Ph.C motion estimation and motion compensation preserve detail and definition in fast-moving sports action.

Simplicity of set up and navigation

Designed from the ground up for “plug and play” applications in live production, playout and mastering & repurposing, the Quasar Ph.C with redundant power supply, is easy to set up and run with simple, intuitive controls. LCD colored backlights and control knobs that enable easy choice of settings, promote simplicity of navigation and use in working environments.

With Quasar Ph.C, standard-definition content is no barrier to high quality HD broadcast, and the system will serve us well as our operation evolves. 
Frank Graybill, Director of Engineering at WNET.org

Technical summary

  • Enhancer for legacy formats
  • Gamut Legalizer
  • Color Space Converter
  • Aspect Ratio Converter
  • Support for widescreen signalling enables seamless integration in the playout environment
  • Closed Captions
  • Timecode
  • Control and Monitoring via SNMP and RollCall


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