Rio – Complete Color Editing And Finishing Tool

Rio – Complete Color Editing And Finishing Tool

High performance online editing, color and finishing for HD, UHD, 4K and 8K

Quantel Rio 4K offers a wide range of configuration choices

  • Available as software only or as a turnkey solution with various options
  • Storage architecture – local workspace, SAN, NAS or a combination
  • Support for up to 1 or 2 Tesla Kepler K80 GPUs
  • Grading control surface - Neo, Neo Nano or no panel at all
  • File and Video workflow

Key Features

  • Supports HDR and native color space media (providing wider color gamuts) with 32-bit floating-point or 16-bit half-float processing.
  • Runs on COTS hardware
  • Uses Nvidia Maximus multi-GPU technology for maximum interactive performance
  • Includes Edit, MLTFX, Effects (including Paint), Utilities and Scribe modules
  • Real-time interactive operation on images up to 6K 16 bit and beyond
  • Full stereo toolset includes geoFix for auto geometry fixing, autobalance for color matching of eyes, X/Y vergence and floating window controls


Quantel Rio Options

  Software Turnkey

Rio Assist

Quantel Rio 4K

Quantel Rio 2K

Quantel Rio 4K

Quantel Rio 8K

AJA Kona 4 option option yes yes -
AJA Corvid 88 - option - option yes (x4)
Neo - option option option option
Neo Nano option option option option option
2K Output yes yes yes yes yes
4K Output - yes yes yes yes
4K 50/60p Output* - yes - yes yes
VTR Serial Control I/F - yes yes yes yes
Dual Monitor Support - yes yes yes yes
Multiple GPU Support - yes - yes yes
MLTFX yes yes yes yes yes
Scribe yes yes yes yes yes
Utilities yes yes yes yes yes
Effects (Paint) - yes yes yes yes
Mocha Tracker yes yes yes yes yes
Minimum Workspace - - 6.3TB Internal Raid 5 Storage 8.5hrs HDRGB @25fps 1 x 36TB SAS array 12hrs 3840x2160 @25fps 3 x 36TB SAS array 5.5hrs 7680x4320 @60fps
Maximum Workspace - - 2 x 36TB SAS arrays 88hrs 2048x1080 @25fps 6 x 36TB SAS arrays 72hrs 3840x2160 @25fps 18 x 36TB SAS arrays 33hrs 7680x4320 @60fps

Quantel Rio Release Notes

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