Pyxis – Compact multi-format router

Pyxis – Compact multi-format router

Feature rich routing for small and medium size applications

Small routing applications

The Pyxis family of routers provides a highly flexible, cost effective solution for all your small and medium size routing applications. Taking on board SAM’s years of experience producing top class products, Pyxis has all the features you would expect from a SAM router – excellent build quality, high reliability, and excellent value for money.


A flexible multi-format router range, the Pyxis is available in 1 and 3 RU frames both with dual power for redundancy peace of mind.

Offering multiple panel control, and dual control on the 3RU frame, the Pyxis can mix and match any signal type and link control of extra frames to work with larger systems for greater flexibility and maximizing on scalability.

In addition Pyxis provides up to 144 x 144 systems with mixed formats including 3G, HD, SD, ASI, AES, stereo analog audio, MADI, and port based RS422. Pyxis is the perfect solution for small, multi-format and distributed routing in today's media environments.


Pyxis features a wide range of signal cards in a choice of a 1RU or 3RU frames. All cards are removable from the front allowing ease of maintenance and removing the need for the router to be de-cabled should servicing be required. Both frames can be configured with dual redundant power supplies, and signal cards are available for all common broadcast formats, 1080p 3GBit/s, HD-SDI, SDI/ASI, Analog Audio, AES Audio and RS422. The SDI cards are also suitable for routing a wide range of Telco signals (STM-1, STM-4, T4, E4).

  • Flexible multi-format, multi level router range
  • High packing density with 172 HD-SDI in 1RU up to 722 HD-SDI in 3RU
  • Up to 1442 Stereo AES and Analog Audio in 3RU or 362 in 1RU
  • 3Gbit/s capability on all HD-SDI routers
  • Mix and match all common broadcast signal types: 3Gbit/s, HD-SDI, SD/ASI in 722, 342 , 172 sizes. AES, Stereo Analog Audio in 1442, 1082, 722, 362 sizes. Mixed analog, AES and MADI I/O up to 2722
  • Dual redundant PSUs
  • All active parts removable from the front for ease of maintenance
  • Integral control system with dual redundant control option in 3RU frame
  • Integrated Audio converters allowing mix and match of AES and Analog Audio in the same frame
  • 342 HD-SDI and 4 levels of 362 Audio in a single 3RU frame
  • Audio modify functions (L >R swaps, L< >Both, Mono mix etc)
  • Clean switching of discrete AES/EBU digital audio
  • Interface with SAM’s full range of control panels and soft panels
  • AES Sample Rate Converter/Synchronizer on all inputs (bypass for Dolby E)
  • RS422: 128, 64 and 32 port
  • Timecode: 128, 64 and 32 port balanced
  • Control using Nebula or Nucleus router control systems



Specifically designed for full 3GBit/s compliance, the Pyxis 3GBit/HD/SD range offers exceptional quality signal routing
Each router size is available as 3GBit/ HD/SD capable, or alternatively in a more cost effective SD/ASI variant. Nonreclocking and reclocking options are available in 3G/HD/SD capable cards. All video router cards are dedicated sizes, providing optimum signal integrity and a highly cost effective solution.


The audio router cards offer field expandability and mix & match between analog, AES and Madi I/O. Analog conversion uses programme quality converters on inputs and outputs.
Synchronous AES signals can be cleanly switched with no disturbance to the AES data stream between AES and analog cards. Expansion between cards is via dedicated interconnections within the frame, allowing additional cards to be added in the field. Input sample rate converters allow for operation in a mixed sample rate environment, or with nonsynchronous external signals.

All signal types can be mixed in any combination in the same frame, allowing smaller multi level systems to be configured in just 3RU.


The AES and Analog Audio cards are fitted with MADI input and outputs. These can be used in two ways: As additional inputs and outputs to the router, the MADI I/O can be used in conjunction with the discrete AES and analog I/O to build a router with up to 272 stereo inputs and outputs.
This configuration is ideal for applications incorporating audio mixing consoles with MADI interfaces. With a simple configuration change, each card can be used as a 56/64 channel MADI encoder and 56/64 channel decoder on a single card. The encoder has dual outputs, and the decoder has dual redundant inputs with changeover. This offers a very compact and cost effective interface to MADI routing and mixing systems.


Pyxis offers a range of control options. The editable database on the internal controller (which can be dual redundant in the 3RU frame), allows multi-level routing systems to be built from several Pyxis cards which can be fitted into one or more frames.
The controller interfaces to SAM’s full range of control panels which include simple BPX control up to XY panels with multi-level control and dial up sequences. Control from existing SAM systems is also simple, as Pyxis supports the industry standard SAM General Switcher protocol, allowing you to link to external SAM controllers and many third party control systems. Ethernet and serial control, supporting several OEM protocols round off a wide range control options. Interoperation with SAM’s Workbench and RollCall suite of software applications makes control from PC based soft-panels simple. The internal control architecture allows for much more comprehensive status and alarm reporting than has previously been possible.

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