Momentum Workflow & Asset Management System

Momentum Workflow & Asset Management System

From ingest through to production and delivery

MAM, workflow automation and resource planning

MomentumTM delivers the flexible workflow optimization, manipulation and media asset management media enterprises need to survive and thrive in this challenging, ever-changing environment.


Momentum offers intelligent, flexible automation and control of every stage of the media chain, from ingest, cataloging, QC and editing to transcoding and multi-platform delivery. Any content, any time, any device, everywhere: Momentum is the complete media resource management solution.

Storage management

Momentum employs content management protocols that intelligently supervise file storage operations across diverse server architectures. The system’s inherent intelligence can support multiple types of storage system and even multi-site infrastructures – optimizing LAN and WAN network transfers.

Traceable assets

Creation of additional revenue generating assets from existing material is achieved using Momentum’s Timeline Editing facility. Material can be viewed on a web browser, edited and an EDL sent for final craft editing. On completion of the edit assets are automatically updated and linked to the parent asset for full traceability.

Human and technical resource management

Momentum includes project and resource management tools providing a single platform through which all elements that contribute to the delivery workflow are managed. Momentum Planner is a direct response to market demands for more flexible, user-friendly and inclusive operation management systems.


The MAM functions such as metadata entry and revision, proxy file playback, and content reversioning are built on top of a hugely flexible and simple to use workflow automation tool.

  • Catalogs and secures valuable assets
  • Powerful search to keep control of media
  • Create new versions of media via editing tools that enable collaboration
  • Secures revenue by ensuring process reliability and repeatability
  • Lowers operational costs by driving efficiencies
  • Minimizes wasteful processes and human waiting time
  • Saves operational cost by eliminating setup time for new projects


  • Asset management of all versions of your media
  • View proxies of all versions of your assets with selectable Caption and Audio tracks
  • User defined categories to group your media types
  • Extensible database schema for unlimited descriptive metadata
  • Automatically populate technical metadata from workflow file analysis
  • Browse proxy versions of your media from any web client
  • Scan through media using automatically created thumbnails


  • Analysis tools display essential system performance data visually:
    • Waiting time
    • Processing time
    • Bottlenecks
    • Peak usage
    • Improve your business by focusing on inefficiencies


  • Use proxy media to produce EDLs.
  • Export to Final Cut, Premiere and Quantel via AAF

Workflow Automation

  • Link together your automatic QC, manual review, and transcode functions
  • Create paths for success or fail of each function
  • Unlimited nodes for multiple output paths for each function
  • Monitor your media processing in real-time
  • Mix human and automated processes in the same workflows
  • User tasks lists populated by automated workflows
  • Large library of drivers for 3rd party devices
  • 22 device drivers for 3rd party devices
  • Add email alerts to any stage
  • Unlimited converging and diverging workflow paths
  • Link multiple workflows together
  • Add video editing to your workflows
  • Automatically add or extract metadata.

Catalog Features

  • Extensible metadata schema
  • Technical metadata
  • Descriptive metadata
  • Multiple versions of the same media
  • Segment creation
  • Track selection of both audio and captions
  • Play video proxies from any web browser
  • Timeline thumbnails
  • Comprehensive search functionality

Momentum Catalog features

To Do Features

  • Tasks allocated according to the defined workflow
  • Manual review of proxy media and QC report
  • Predefined options to advance the material as built in the workflow
  • Carry out detailed QC work and categorize using standardized EBU (DPP) QC criteria

Momentum To Do Features

Momentum’s Admin page allows you to craft how all levels of your business - from operators to supervisors to managers - interact with system and access the assets stored within it.

Users individual operators can be given their own login and be assigned one or more Roles.

Roles can be given access to one or more pages and permissions will restrict the set of functions available.

Scopes restrict which projects Users have access to view.

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