Modular for IP Infrastructure

Modular for IP Infrastructure

Build your IP infrastructure with the broadcast edge device leader.


IP Interfaces for the IQ Modular Series

Generate signal transport efficiency by running multiple SDI signals over a single IP link and provide the link between existing SDI equipment and future IP network architectures.

SAM’s IP conversion support is based on our IQMIX cards which form the cornerstone of the SAM IP Solution. Available with three different IP interface speeds, 10GbE, 25GbE and 40GbE these cards convert up to 16 simultaneous IP streams to, or from, SDI with embedded audio and metadata support.

SAM’s IP solution is developed for use within low latency and high bandwidth IP networks and uses both SMPTE 2110 including 2022-6/7 uncompressed encoding and encapsulation schemes, along with SMPTE-2042 (VC2) lightweight compression for high quality signal carriage whilst optimising bandwidth.

It supports configuration of IP links for maximum signal transport using dual SFPs, or dual link mode to provide link redundancy as per SMPTE 2022-7. IGMPv3 source specific multi-cast is also fully supported allowing fast configuration of network routes to deliver clean switching at the destination unit. Timing and synchronization is handled by IEEE-1588v2 (PTP) and is compliant with SMPTE-2059-2 to ensure that all streams are accurately tracked and both break before make or make before break IP switching is selectable by the user on a destination by destination basis.

Fully integrated with the SAM IP or hybrid control solution and SAM’s intelligent control and monitoring solutions mean these cards can form an integral part of your broadcast and media system.

Highest density with IP Modular Processing Chassis

Supporting the IP interfaces is the core IQ Modular 4RU chassis.  Mixing IP systems with the entire range of modular signal processing cards hybrid SDI – IP solutions are available.  To improve density and applicability we also offer additional chassis for IP systems:

IQ-Edge is a 3RU processing solution built with pure IP systems in mind. Using this approach means that within 3RU and 19 inches SAM can support up to 8 fully redundant SMPTE 2022-7 IP streams in and out of its signal processors such as our dual channel IQUDC31 or single channel IQSYN33. Using these cards enables processing such as high quality up, down and cross conversion, video gain, offset and hue control, horizontal and vertical picture enhancement, delay, RGB gamut legalization and aspect ratio conversion. Audio processing is also comprehensively handled with processing for 16 channels of embedded audio present on each video channel, including: channel routing (shuffling), gain, invert, delay and mixing, along with advanced audio options such as loudness processing for 4 channels or 5.1 surround sound, down-mixing, up-mixing and Dolby E/D encoding and decoding.

Modular Cards built-in to integrated KudosPro multi-function processors

KudosPro Utility, International or Motion series processors can be a core component of your new IP system.  With the Utility series up to four processing channels with IP inputs and outputs conforming to SMPTE 2110 is available in just 1RU.  Of course all the control and monitoring plus redundant power supplies are built in.

Specialist IP Cards for IP or Hybrid systems

SAM offers a variety of IP systems oriented IQ modular cards to assist in system and workflow design.  These are:

  • IQMIX10 12 Channel video over IP transceiver for 10GbE networks
  • IQMIX25 16 Channel video over IP transceiver for 10GbE or 25GbE networks
  • IQMIX40 16 Channel video over IP transceiver for 10GbE or 40GbE networks
  • IQAMD40 MADI to IP interface allows serial MADI signals to be converted to AES-67 elemental strams and therefore controllable by the SAM IP routing control system.   
  • IQCAG00 IP Control Aggregation  Gateway – where system security is paramount or a clear separation between control networks and media networks is required then IP edge devices within IQ modular and other racks can aggregate to those separate control networks.
  • IQTIC00 Provides Third party IP control systems with a "Northbound" control interface to SAM IP devices using the SDC-01 protocol

Video Features

  • Gain, offset and hue control, horizontal and vertical picture enhancement, delay, RGB gamut legalization, aspect ratio conversion with preset ARC maps, and including selectable pan, tilt, aspect, size, and output crop adjustments
  • High quality up, down and cross conversion including conversion aperture control Options for noise reduction (adaptive spatial and recursive), side-bar keying, logo insertion and frame rate conversion

Audio Features

  • Processing for 16 channels of embedded audio present on each video channel, with audio proc features including: channel routing
    (shuffling), gain, invert, delay and mixing
  • Advanced audio options including loudness processing for 4 channels or 5.1 surround sound, downmixing, upmixing and Dolby E/D encoding and decoding

Ancillary Features

  • Aspect ratio control (signalling reading and writing) using ETSI WSS and AFD Video Index signaling (RP186, SMPTE 2016), closed caption passing or processing for CEA608/708, and WST/OP42 and OP47 teletext captions, and VITC or SMPTE12M timecode translation
  • Built in test pattern and audio tone generators along with 19 character scrolling caption generator for signal path testing or keep-alive applications
  • Full RollCall and SNMP compatibility allows easy integration with SAM or third party network management systems
  • Dual 25GbE or 40GbE IP links with Multiple transport types available for including:
    • Compressed IP transport using SMPTE-2042 (VC2) low latency high quality encoding profile
      – Uncompressed video transport using either TR-03, TR-04 RTP (upgradeable to SMPTE 2110) or SMPTE-2022-6 encapsulation
    • PCM audio using TR-03 & AES67
    • SMPTE-291M metadata support via IETF standard “RTP Payload for Ancillary Data”
  • Timing and synchronization provided by IEEE-1588v2 (PTP), compliant with SMPTE-2059-2, or via the frame analog reference bus
  • Up to 8 processing channels per EDGE, dual PSUs, cooling fans and control card as standard, plus full chassis monitoring for PSUs,
    temperature, fans and signal status.

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