LiveTouch - Replay & Highlights

LiveTouch - Replay & Highlights

Game changing instant replay and sports production workflows


Instant replay, collaborative workflows and integrated post production

LiveTouch™ makes highlights and instant replay workflows faster and more intuitive than ever before. The touch screen controller is quick to learn, easy to use and accessible to any operator. 

LiveTouch is easily configurable to support large events and multiple studio productions. Uniquely, LiveTouch also supports integrated editing eliminating the need for media movement or duplication. Highlights packages get to air faster, and system design is dramatically simplified. Shared storage and inter-server streaming allows LiveTouch to scale to HD and UHD productions of any size.

Racing driverWe chose LiveTouch for the replay system as it allowed us to use both UHD & 1080p across a single platform; that was really one of the big drivers.
Trevor Turner, Formula One Management, Television Systems Group Manager

Fast to learn and easy to use

LiveTouch was designed for the user, by the user. Operators can mark interest points, create clips and play content to air with dynamic speed control. LiveTouch gives users rapid navigation, on-air playlist editing and easy search and sharing tools. A unique multi-cam interface provides fast, easy access to all camera angles in live productions, giving users faster access to more content than any other system.

4K made easy

LiveTouch 4K provides the same scalability and replay toolset as HD without compromising any aspects of your workflow. Enjoy instant collaboration, integrated editing and advanced replay tools in UHD. LiveTouch also allows users to mix freely between HD and UHD where productions include multiple resolutions. LiveTouch is the only system to truly bring your HD replay and production workflows into 4K. 

LiveTouch is definitely a very big competitor to EVS. 
CTV technical director, Hamish Greig
LiveTouch panel

The LiveTouch panel provides fast, intuitive highlights and instant replay tools.

The LiveTouch panel is designed for the operator, by the operator. An intuitive touch screen provides quick clip selection, unique speed tools and configurable user options. The panel features familiar button placement as well as a number pad for fast navigation by clip number and timecode. A responsive jog wheel gives users agile navigation and a high precision T-bar provides precise control on slow motion playout.


  • Instant, intuitive replay and highlights toolset
  • Dynamic speed control for slow motion playback
  • Instant, integrated editing
  • Effects and finishing tools
  • Agile search and share workflows
  • Unique, highly flexible multicam platform
  • Scales to meet HD and UHD productions of any size
  • Designed for the demanding sports replay environment
  • Intuitive and simple touch screen control panel for fast highlight selection, playlist editing and live playout control
  • More efficient UHD channel density than other systems
  • More online storage than any other system
  • Tablet application for on-air talent to control their own playout on-air

Technical Specification

Size  3RU

Up to 12 HD
Up to 4 UHD

SD Video Codecs IMX 30
IMX 40
IMX 50
DVC Pro 25
DVC Pro 50
HD Video Codecs DVC Pro HD
AVC-Intra Class 50
AVC-Intra Class 100
XAVCi Class 50
XAVCi Class 100
DNxHD (See Server Specification for full list of formats)
UHD Video XAVC Class 300 UHD
Browse Formats MPEG-1 at 1.5 Mb/sec
H.264 at 2.5 Mb/sec 640x360
H.264 at 12 Mb/sec 720p HD Browse
Audio Up to 16 audio tracks per port
SD embedded audio ANSI/SMPTE 272M
HD embedded audio SMPTE 299M
16 bit and 24 bit depth
Storage Internal Storage Up to 8 x 1.8 TB Disks
8 x 1.6 TB Disks SSD
External Storage 24 x 1.8 TB Disks
Storage Capacity Up to 200 hrs internal
Up to 600 hrs external
Up to 38 hrs UHD
Network Quad 1GB Network Card or
Dual 10GB Network Card
System Reference SD: NTSC/PAL Black and Sync
HD: Tri-Level Sync


Package Comparison




Browse Capable 

Additional Edit
Licence Included 

LiveTouch Panel

6 HD  150 hrs
8 HD  200 hrs
Yes Yes  Yes 
Up to 12 HD  600 hrs
Yes  Yes  Yes 
4-12 UHD  150 hrs
Yes    Yes 

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