KudosPro – Comprehensive Compact Format & Framerate Converter

KudosPro – Comprehensive Compact Format & Framerate Converter

High quality standards conversion for all framerates

3 ranges for all applications

KudosProTM is the next-generation audio and video (AV) processing platform from SAM. Delivering high quality audio and video signal processing in a compact, affordable, format-flexible package. KudosPro is the ideal solution for broadcasters, news agencies, and content providers needing to consider cost and space issues while also ensuring high quality content to domestic and international audiences.  Redundant power supplies in all models plus  comprehensive support means all KudosPro ranges work for your business, and keep working for your business.

Utility Series

  • Audio Video Processors for stand-alone conversion and processing applications
  • Single, dual and quad video channel base options
  • Massive audio processing capabilities all in compact 1RU chassis with front panel controls.

International Series

  • Audio Video Processors for stand-alone conversion and processing applications
  • Framerate/standards conversion using linear interpolation techniques
  • Single, dual and quad video channel base options
  • Massive audio processing capabilities all in compact 1RU chassis with front panel controls

Motion Series

  • Audio Video Processors for stand-alone conversion and processing applications
  • High quality motion compensated framerate/standards conversion
  • Single and dual video channel options plus massive audio processing capabilities
  • All in compact 1RU chassis with front panel controls.

Highest quality, highest density

Kudos Pro offers up to eight video processing channels in both Utility and International series in 1RU for the best conversion density in the industry.  With IP interfaces the Utility and International series can offer up to 4 processing channels with IP inputs and outputs complying with the new SMPTE 2110 standard.

Maximum Interfacing and audio processing

KudosPro products offer a full range of input and outputs via physical interfaces so whatever your interfacing challenges SAM can help.  Audio processing capabilities across the range include Dolby-E processing via embedded, discreet or analogue inputs and outputs.

Enhanced processing with modular cards

Utility, International and Motion ranges can be supplied in IQ variants allowing the inclusion in the 1RU rack frame of up to 2 IQ Modular cards.  For example, with the Motion Series KudosPro MC2000-IQ the addition of 2 IQMCC30 cards makes 4 fully motion compensated conversion channels in 1 Rack unit.

Dedicated IP Solution variants

By using the IQ variants and the SAM IQMix cards,  KudosPro Utility, International or Motion series processors can be a core component of your new IP system.  With the Utility series up to four processing channels with IP inputs and outputs conforming to SMPTE 2110 is available in just 1RU.  Of course all the control and monitoring plus redundant power supplies are built in.

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Utility Range

International Range

Motion Range

Video and audio processors
Multichannel options
Variants for IP and IQ

Video and audio processors
Multichannel options
Variants for IP and IQ
Linear Frame Rate Conversion

Video and audio processors
Multichannel options
Variants for IP and IQ
Motion Compensated – Frame Rate Conversion

Kudos Pro UHD1000    
Kudos Pro UHD1000 + audio    
  Kudos LC300 Kudos Pro MC500-CT1
  Kudos LC350 Kudos Pro MC500-CT1-DOL1
    Kudos Pro MC1000-IQ
    Kudos Pro MC1000-IQ-DOL1
Kudos Pro SV2000-CT2 Kudos Pro LC2000-CT2 Kudos Pro MC2000-CT2
  Kudos Pro LC2000-CT2-DOL1 Kudos Pro MC2000-CT2-DOL2
Kudos Pro SV2000-IQ Kudos Pro LC2000-IQ Kudos Pro MC2000-IQ
  Kudos Pro LC2000-IQ-DOL1 Kudos Pro MC2000-IQ-DOL2
    Kudos Pro MC2000-IP-MC
Kudos Pro SV-4000-CT2    
Kudos Pro SV-4000-IQ Kudos Pro LC4000-IQ  
Kudos Pro-IP-SV Kudos Pro-IP-LC  
    Kudos Pro MC2000-IQ UHD Bundle

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Securing overall performance is essential to maintaining end-user satisfaction, which in turn results in sustaining and growing revenue. It is important to take steps to limit the risk of incidents taking place through fault prevention and planning and, if incidents do occur, to ensure that downtime is as short as possible.

To ensure you get the most from your investment, SAM offers comprehensive support packages to suit your needs. Built on a foundation of over 30 years’ experience in supporting broadcast and post-production systems, SAM Care provides a highly skilled 24x7 technical help desk, committed response times, software maintenance support and operates a worldwide spare parts service from over 20 warehouse locations across the globe.

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  • 1080p, HD and SD standards conversion
  • Up to four channels in a single rack unit – composite and fiber I/O available
  • SNMP, Dolby E, timecode, closed captions, AFD, logo and key sidebar inserts
  • IQ Modular integration for extended functionality
  • Additional aspect ratio conversion modes
  • SNMP support for enhanced control & monitoring
  • Sharper conversion performance for interlaced signals
  • Logo inserter & sidebar keyer
  • Support for multi-line teletext and subtitles

Ideal for international program exchange, conversion, high density distribution and content repurposing for internet, TV and Blu-ray

KudosPro achieves maximum resolution preserving the fine detail in graphics and sharpness of text. Softness and lack of detail are typical artifacts which are seen in other products.

In fast moving sports action, detail and defi nition around key parts of the images such as the ball or player are critical. KudosPro uses motion compensation to ensure full resolution and well defi ned motion. It is the only product that provides full resolution moving video images. Other products introduce blur and reduce resolution in moving areas.

Complex pictures
A typical program output comprises many components such as station branding, credit rolls and video or animation. KudosPro handles all of these simultaneously without compromise. Other products cannot handle these types simultaneously. Image quality will be compromised.

Control is offered from the attractive and user-friendly front panel as well as a simple web interface. For large system users, SAM offers a free control application (RollCall).

Front Panel Control
User control via simple front panel menus and short-cut buttons enables artistic decisions to be easily actioned, while the intuitive front panel display gives instant reassurance of the current system status.

Remote Control
PC Windows or Mac control using a web browser or Rollcall control panel (SAM’s prioprietary control and monitoring application) are also available. Alternatively integrate into enterprise wide control & monitoring systems using SNMP.

KudosPro offers the widest range of I/O connectivity and delivers a complete processing toolkit.

The KudosPro range has an array of digital and analog interfaces encompassing video formats from composite to 1080p, copper to fiber and a comprehensive selection of audio handling options and formats including; Analog, AES balanced and unbalanced and Dolby(R).

Audio I/O
AES I/O is available as balanced or unbalanced, providing complete flexibility no matter what environment you’re in. Analog audio can be embedded and de-embedded into SD/HD/3Gbps.

Video I/O
With both SDI and analog composite video interfaces, KudosPro is a completely flexible platform, handling SD, HD and 1080p over SDI or fiber


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