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Kronos XF Technology

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Stunning images with perfect pitch

Dealing with the challenges of today's complex media, Kronos XF seamlessly and transparently retimes media, creating time and money for Service Providers, Broadcasters and Content Owners. Kronos XF benefits from more than two decades of research and experience into the exacting demands of motion compensated interpolation. It couples this "know how" with the latest innovative image processing technique to provide a solution which offers the industry's best image quality and pitch perfect audio.

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Our finest de-interlacer is now available

Kronos XF offers our latest intelligent adaptive de-interlacing to provide the sharpest pictures ever. Using a robust motion detector, our technology can intelligently soft switch the optimum de-interlacing mode on a pixel by pixel basis to ensure each pixel maintains the maximum possible resolution.

Highest quality motion compensated retiming and unparalleled audio pitch correction

Each de-interlacing mode has been carefully engineered to focus on a particular property of real images. These include static, vertical temporal and diagonal apertures of varying gradients. The use of soft switching avoids switching artifacts which can otherwise look more objectionable than the original interlace artifacts.

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Motion estimation has just got better!

A motion compensator usually works on a local basis in the picture and measures not only the existence of motion but also its speed and direction. For framerate conversion the output of the motion compensation provide the required motion vectors for picture building.

The motion compensation used in Kronos XF has many major advances over our existing technology.

What is cadence?

In the broadcast world, cadence is a manipulation of source content, to achieve a framerate change, by a process of repetition of source fields/frames, in a continuous sequence.

Different cadences can be introduced for creative effect, and many electronic editing processes can even break what was a continuous cadence.

Mixed cadence presents many challenges to the optimum standards conversion process.

Failure to detect the changes in cadence could result in loss of vertical resolution and introduce undesirable frame drops and repeats resulting in an irregular motion portrayal.

Kronos XF uses new Adaptive Cadence Technology to address all of these issues. Saving you time and effort, the software revives troublesome files into a guaranteed format for modern file-based workflow and allows you to deliver content with confidence.


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