Kronos File Applications

Kronos File Applications

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Maximising revenue for multinational broadcaster

A major US multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate needed the ability to retime their media assets to fit into specific times in scheduled playouts, they also wanted to retain the best picture quality and audio pitch. Typical program run times are exactly 1 hour, however there is the need to include 5 minutes of advertising within that 1 hour time slot. Using Kronos File they are able to modify the program run-time to 55 minutes by using the easy duration adjustment menu within Kronos File and selecting ‘Time squeeze’ without losing any content or quality from the 1 hour original program. 

"This sets a new benchmark for the conversion of performance content for digital cinema and films for television and DVD, without ever needing to slow down or speed up again." Virtual Post CTO Jon Lee

Cadence support

The source contentof the 1 hour program is 59.95i with a 2-3 cadence. It is required that the ‘squeezed’ version of the programme retains perfect 2-3. This requirement can be fulfilled by Kronos File, as a single process. The process can be thought of as three separate processes:

    1. The process will first remove the 2-3 cadence from the source programme, so creating a 23.98p version of the program.
    2. The program is then squeezed to make the duration 55 minutes.
    3. After the ‘squeeze’ process, a 2-3 cadence is re-introduced recreating the original 59i.

By adopting Kronos File the customer were able to retime their media assets accordingly allowing for more advertisement slots, no loss of quality and thus leading to higher revenue streams.

Content repurposing for scheduled runtime without any quality loss

A Client has a programme that has a runtime of exactly 1 hour. It is desired to broadcast the content before the 9 o’clock watershed, but there is a 2 minute section that is deemed unsuitable for broadcast at that time. The programme is edited to remove the offending content and hence the duration is now 58 minutes. Using Kronos File the programme can be stretched to have an overall duration of 1 hour again, so fitting in the original broadcast schedule.

Kronos File allows for content to change of up to +/- 20% without losing any perceivable quality difference. It can also adapt the audio pitch respectively.

Delivering Customer Satisfaction

A major broadcaster has a program of 1 hour, the advertisement slots are 20 seconds each and there are 5 adverts planned within that 1 hour schedule. Various customers pay in advance for those 20 second slots, so it is vital the advert slots must not be affected or adjusted in any way, only the program itself.

Kronos File enables the operator to create advanced workflows by inserting the 20 second slots or ‘protected segments’ first. This can be achieved by integrating with industry leading video editing software such as Adobe Premier Pro. The operator creates the ‘in and out’ points in the editor and exports the ‘marker’ file for use with Kronos File. Kronos File reads the file, recognizes the ‘protected segments’ and dynamically disables retiming during these segments.

Kronos File offers flexible configuration by providing the operator to select ‘target duration’. Setting the target duration to 60 minutes, squeezes the program only and leaves the advertisement slots at 20 seconds. Quality is retained even though timings have been adjusted.

Technical Specification

File Wrapper
  • MXF OP1a
  • MOV (ProRes / DNxHD/ JPEG 2000 / DNxHR/ AVC-1 / xDCam / DV (decode only)
  • MTS (AVCHD only)
  • MJ2 (JPEG 2000 only)
  • MP4 (H.264 Long GOP only)
  • MPG/TS (MPEG2)
Video Formats
  • SD, HD and 3Gbps broadcast video
  • 2K/4K and custom resolutions up to 8K
  • Custom frame rate (12-300Hz)
Video Codecs
  • DNxHD
  • DNxHR
  • DV - DV25/DVCPro25/DVCPro50/DVCPro100
  • D10 (IMX 30/40/50)
  • AVC-Intra 50/100
  • AVC-Intra RP2027 50/100/200
  • Apple ProRes
  • JPEG 2000 (Lossy/ Lossless/ DCI)
  • AVC-HD (MTS only)
  • XAVC (I-Frame/Long GOP)
  • MPEG2
  • H.264 (Long GOP)
  • Audio
  • PCM audio pass-through
  • AAC (H.264 Long GOP only)
  • Audio Stream Routing
  • Audio Channel Shuffling
Retiming Modes
  • Constant retime
  • Retime with protected segments (configured via marker file or SAM file client)
Duration Adjustment
  • Percentage Squeeze / Stretch
  • Time Squeeze / Stretch
  • Target Duration
  • Job Specific (Retime with protected segments)
Retiming Processing
  • Constant retime
  • Audio pitch correction / re-sampling
  • Cadence maintained (2:2 / 2:3 / Mixed / Custom)
  • Discontinuous cadence repaired
Video Utilities
  • Color space conversion (REC601 / BT709 / SMPTE 2020)
  • RGB Legalization (700/721/735)
  • Luma Clipper
  • Luma / Chroma / Black Level
HDR Processing
  • HDR (PQ / S-Log3 / HLG / HDR10) to SDR (BT709) using SAM’s Advanced Tone Mapping
  • HDR (PQ / S-Log3 / HLG / HDR10) to HDR (PQ / S-Log3 / HLG / HDR10)
  • SAM File Client
  • Watch Folder
  • FIMS Media SOA Framework V1.0.7
Operating System
  • Windows (64-bit) server 2012/2008 R2
  • Windows 7, 8 and 8.1(Apple ProRes not supported)
  • Linux (RedHat, CentOS)
  • OSX 10.9 and 10.10 (Client only)
Minimum Configuration
  • 1 x 4 core 2.5GHz processors
  • 1 or more GPUs (Multiple cards should be matched)

SD/HD: 1 or 2 GPUs, min. 16Gb
3 or 4 GPUs, min. 32Gb
4K: 1 or 2 GPUs, min. 32Gb
3 or 4 GPUs, min. 64Gb, NVIDIA
  • DRIVER (See NVIDIA website), AMD DRIVER (See AMD website), AMD
  • DRIVER FirePro (See AMD website)
  • Closed Caption 608 / 708 SMPTE 436M support in MXF (not including XAVC)
  • Closed Caption Line 21 IMX only
GPU Support (min 2Gb for SD /HD, min 4Gb for 4K)
  • Nvidia:
GeForce GTX
  • AMD:
AMD FirePro™
AMD HD 6000 Series**
AMD HD 7000 Series**
AMD R7 Series**
AMD R9 Series
AMD RX Series
AMD Pro WX-series GPU

Conversion times will vary depending on hardware specification.

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** These cards have not been verified by SAM Engineering

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