IQ Modular

IQ Modular

A comprehensive modular distribution and processing solution for broadcast infrastructure


Flexible and reliable video and audio backbone

The IQ ModularTM range provides a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective interfacing and processing solution for any broadcast infrastructure project. Handling all types of video and audio signals, IQ Modular is equally at home with fiber, coax or any common interface standard, and its modular approach means that it is easily scalable and upgradeable as your needs change. New enhancements to the series include IP to SDI interfaces and modules supporting Media Biometrics technology.

With over 250,000 modules already in service worldwide, IQ Modular is a proven reliable, comprehensive system trusted by broadcasters both large and small.

Build what you need

With hundreds of modules providing a range of functionality, complex systems are possible with advanced control and monitoring systems keep everything running smoothly with minimal intervention.

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IQ Modular Selection Tool

Simplifies the identification of the right module's to meet your application needs: 

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Securing overall performance is essential to maintaining end-user satisfaction, which in turn results in sustaining and growing revenue. It is important to take steps to limit the risk of incidents taking place through fault prevention and planning and, if incidents do occur, to ensure that downtime is as short as possible.

To ensure you get the most from your investment, SAM offers comprehensive support packages to suit your needs. Built on a foundation of over 30 years’ experience in supporting broadcast and post-production systems, SAM Care provides a highly skilled 24x7 technical help desk, committed response times, software maintenance support and operates a worldwide spare parts service from over 20 warehouse locations across the globe.

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The IQ Modular range

Frames and hardware

A range of enclosures, control panels and interfaces for the IQ Modular range.
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Intelligent monitoring

Hyperion monitoring and QC (Quality Control), transport stream monitoring.
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IP Interfaces

SDI to IP and IP to SDI convertors conforming to SMPTE 2022-6 and the rest of the SAM Hybrid philosophy.

Media Biometrics Technology

includes signature generators and assurance point cards working with the signal assurance system SigMA.

SD-HD conversion

Up-conversion, down-conversion, cross conversion, all with audio processing.
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Interfacing with transmitters, receivers, splitters, including synchronizing, mux/demux, conversion.
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Agile, frame-based, with audio processing.
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Embedded audio

AES/EBU, and analog audio multiplexers and demultiplexers for 3G, HD, SD-SDI.
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A complete range of analog and digital distribution amplifiers, with RollCall control and monitoring.
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Video processing

Logo inserter, keyer, aspect ratio converter.
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Audio processing

Loudness processing, up-mixing, Dolby E/D, synchronizing, gain and audio delay.
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Analog/Digital Conversion

Encoders, decoders, synchronizers, audio A/D and D/A.
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Signal protection, changeover.
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Full IQ Modular Catalog list

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