IQ Modular

IQ Modular

A comprehensive modular distribution and processing solution for broadcast infrastructure


Flexible and reliable video and audio backbone

Best of ShowThe IQ ModularTM range provides a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective interfacing and processing solution for any broadcast infrastructure project. Handling all types of video and audio signals, IQ Modular is equally at home with fiber, coax or any common interface standard, and its modular approach means that it is easily scalable and upgradeable as your needs change. New enhancements to the series include IP to SDI interfaces and modules supporting Media Biometrics technology.

With over 250,000 modules already in service worldwide, IQ Modular is a proven reliable, comprehensive system trusted by broadcasters both large and small.

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With hundreds of modules providing a range of functionality, complex systems are possible with advanced control and monitoring systems keep everything running smoothly with minimal intervention.






The IQ Modular features:

Designed to support the most demanding mission critical applications in the media and broadcast industry, and built on more than 20 years of engineering excellence the IQ Modular range from SAM comprises more than 400 modules which boast:

  • Fully hot swappable, flexible architecture
  • 3G & UHD-4K integration
  • Advanced audio handling
  • Integrated fiber
  • Facility wide control, monitoring and QC
  • 16 Modules in 3RU with full redundancy
  • Over 250,000 modules in service globally

Range Overview
Capable of performing a wide range of video and audio processing tasks from synchronization, audio embedding/de-embedding through to high quality format conversion for HD/ SD-SDI signals, or Dolby Encoding/Decoding for audio signals the IQ Modular range offers you an expandable feature set with the versatility to adapt to your changing business demands.

Cross Compatible Architecture
Available in 1RU and 3RU the IQ Modular frames provide excellent product power density and enable complete redundancy from power, to cooling, to communications. All IQ Modular enclosures and modules are cross compatible, protecting your investment throughout the life of your media and broadcast infrastructure.

Built in Intelligence
All card settings are stored on-board the module, so once set up they can be used in any part of the system without further adjustment. SAMs RollMechanic application enables further set-up simplicity through it’s use of cloning module settings to multiple modules of the same type in the system.

3G Ready
Not yet ready to go 3G but want to protect your investment? No problem all 3G compatible modules areavailable for the same price as their HD predecessors ensuring a seamless transition to 1080p operations whenyour schedule demands it.

Advanced Audio Processing
Audio is comprehensively handled with standard features - such as embedding, de-embedding, channel routing, downmixing and delay – alongside more advanced multi-channel functions such as Dolby E/D encoding or decoding, stereo to 5.1 surround sound upmixing, and loudness.

Integrated Fiber
In addition to a wide range of high density multi-channel 1080p/3Gbps fiber modules the IQ Modular range also offers integrated fiber solutions freeing you from the limitations of copper infrastructure and enabling you to work with coax and fiber in planning cost effective HD expansion and 1080p/3Gbps signal delivery.

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