IP Routing

IP Routing

Making the Complex Simple


SAM’s IP Routing System

The SAM IP Routing System offers the most complete, flexible and cost effective IP routing solution on the market today. SAM’s pragmatic approach has resulted in a topology equally suited to pure IP or hybrid IP/SDI systems.

IP Routing System Controller

The hub of SAMs IP System is the IPEDGE-SRV (Server-based Controller) of which there are two variants.  These are the IPEDGE-SRV-D & IPEDGE-SRV-S for dual redundant or single controller systems respectively.  The IPEDGE-SRV is supplied with all system software pre-installed.

The system software consists of two main elements:

SAM’s Standard Router Controller allowing control using existing PC client software and/or the Luna range of hardware control panels and an IP Router Adapter package for linking all the IP Edge Devices to the Standard Router Controller. A third software package, the IP Network Monitor, is for installation on a PC/Terminal for system configuration.

SAMs IP router system is also fully compatible with our overall equipment control and monitoring system using Rollcall protocols.  This includes logic and decision engines and facility and equipment mapping capabilities.

Third Party Control - The IPEDGE-SRV also exposes SW-P-02 & SW-P-08 router control protocols over Ethernet for control by third party clients.


IP Enabled Edge Devices

SAM has the most extensive range of IP enabled products on the market today.
Please see below:

IQ ModularIQ Modular Interface & Processing

  • IQMIX10 - 3G/HD/SD-SDI Multi-Channel 10GbE IP Transceiver
  • IQMIX25 - 3G/HD/SD-SDI Multi-Channel 10GbE/25GbE IP Transceiver
  • IQMIX40 - 3G/HD/SD-SDI Multi-Channel 10GbE/40GbE IP Transceiver
  • IQAMD40 - Multi-Channel MADI to 10GbE IP Interfacing Module
  • IQIAP40 - Multi-Channel Audio Processing Module - 10GbE IP interface

IQ EdgeIQ Edge Processing

  • IQEDGE25 - Multi-Channel Video & Audio Processing Module - 25GbE IP interface
  • IQEDGE40 - Multi-Channel Video & Audio Processing Module - 40GbE IP interface

Audio XSAudio Routing & Processing Solution

  • Audio XS - Multi-Channel Audio Routing & Processing Software - 10GbE and 40GbE IP interface

KudosPro Conversion

  • Kudos ProKPRO-IPLC - Utility Series Quad channel frame/format converter - 10GbE IP interface Includes Video & Audio processing
  • KPRO-IPSV - International Series Quad channel format converter - 10GbE IP interface Includes Video & Audio processing
  • KPRO-IPMC - Motion Series Dual channel motion compensated frame rate converter - 10GbE IP interface Includes Video & Audio processing


  • MV805Server-based IP Multiviewer Software- UHD 4K & 1080P SDI/IP outputs 40GbE/100GbE IP interface
  • MV800-DT - Desktop Software IP Multiviewer 48 Picture Tiles - H.264 25Mbit/s max. IP interface


Kahuna MaverikHigh-End Production Switchers

  • Kahuna - I/O Cards (Fins) for Kahuna 9600/6400/4800 - 10GbE/40GbE IP interface


Sirius 800SDI Enterprise Routers

  • S800 Series - 24 Channel SDI to IP I/O Cards for S830/840/S850 – 25GbE/40GbE IP interface



SAM’s fully integrated IP Routing Controller has been designed for use with standard COTS IP Routers and is fully scalable for both IP and SDI/IP hybrid solutions. Once configured, operation and client control is indistinguishable from traditional SDI systems.

  • Fully Integrated IP Routing Control in a 1U Rack Server
  • SMPTE 2022-6, AES67, VSF TR-03 & TR-04 stream compliant (Any mix of stream formats can operate on the same system)
  • Scalable to 16K equivalent video signal ports
  • Uses IGMPv3 protocol (SDN control not required)
  • ‘Self Discovery’ of Edge Devices
  • Destination Switching - ‘Make-before-Break’ or ‘Break-before-Make’
  • Agnostic with respect to COTS IP Switches and Vendors
  • Full controller, IP Switch & Network Redundancy
  • ST2022-7 ‘Hitless’ Redundancy Switching

Standard Router Control Clients (SAM or Third Party)

IPEDGE-SRV is fully compatible with all SAM existing control clients (Workbench/Live Runner) and Luna range of 1U and 2U LED and LCD control panels. These are all configured in the normal way and connect to the IPEDGE-SRV over Ethernet.

IPEDGE-SRV is also compatible with all RollPod hardware devices and RollMap user configurable GUI software.

Third-Party Control
The IPEDGE-SRV exposes SW-P-02 & SW-P-08 router control protocols over Ethernet for control by third-party clients.

Edge Devices

Includes all SAM products which have 10/25/40GbE IP I/O options.

IP enabled product ranges:

  • IQ Modular / IQ Edge
  • KudosPro IP / Kahuna
  • S800 Series Routers
  • IP MultiViewers / ICE SDC

Destination Switching

The IP System implements ‘Destination Switching’ at the edge devices. This means the IP switch can be asynchronous and the underlying IP fabric is not media or format aware. ‘Make-before-Break’* can be implemented with minimal extra bandwidth but this is only for the period of the timing alignment. Alternatively, ‘Break-before-Make’* (i.e. no extra bandwidth) can be implemented giving rise to a single video frame repeat. (Mode* is set by the Network Controller per destination)

Dual IP Ports

All Edge Devices feature dual IP ports enabling SMPTE ST.2022-7 stream redundancy.

IP COTS Routers*

The IPEDGE-SRV has been designed to work with any nonblocking ‘commercial-off-theshelf’ IP Router that is IGMPv3 (host to switch) compliant and PIM-SSM (Protocol Independent Multicast & Source Specific Multicast) between routers and subnets.

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