IP Multiviewers

IP Multiviewers

For production, playout and general monitoring solutions


For production, playout and general monitoring solutions

SAM offers a full range of IP based Multiviewers covering all of your monitoring needs. These include pure software based IP Multiviewers, desktop viewers for remote operational monitoring, modular card and physical chassis based types. 

A Pure Software IP Multiviewers on COTS hardware

  • MV-805-9/32

Available as a pure software download to run on standard off the shelf IT hardware or as a SAM supplied appliance the MV-805-9 IP based Multiviewer allows up to 12 IP signals to be placed on a local and simultaneously IP multiview output. Compliant with SMPTE 2022-6/7 and VSF TR-03/04 standards allows massive compatibility not only with SAM equipment but also all those that subscribe to the AIMS objectives.  The MV-805-9 is intended for monitoring areas with the highest expectations of performance and capabilities.  These include full integration with control and monitoring systems, design and layout capabilities as per other SAM Multiviewers, hardware control panel integration and tally/mnemonic integration using industry standard protocols.  Support for 2022-7 path redundancy means SDI levels of reliability are maintained.  Larger numbers of inputs are supported by the 16/25/36 variants of the MV-805, fully in the IP domain.

Router Chassis based IP Multiviewers

Some environments such as network operating centres (NOC’s) or playout operation centres require massive multi-channel monitoring with sometimes hundreds of channels being managed.  SAM SDI Sirius routers are capable of accepting IP sources directly and using their built in Multiviewers with those IP signals.  By using the MV-800 or MV-850/830 variants to the MV-8 series the Sirius router can offer IP Multiviewers in massively dense and secure configurations, plus offer significant standard audio and video routing in parallel.

For example the Sirius 850 can offer 576 inputs supplying 180 Multiviewer outputs at 3Gb/s/HDMI in addition to the 1152 video router outputs.  This is all in the same physical chassis.  Please ask your SAM representative for more details.

Desktop based IP Multiviewers

The MV-8 series of Multiviewers work hand in hand with the companion desktop product the MV-800-DT over IP networks.  By accepting the H264 streams generated by any of the MV-8 series products for any of the multiviewer input sources (over IP or SDI) users can create full function desktop based multi-views right at their workstation.

Coupling this product with the intelligence offered by SAM’s Media Assurance solutions means monitoring centre cost of operations can be thoroughly and efficiently re-modelled.  Ask your SAM representative about the potential for these technologies in your facility.

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