IP and Hybrid SDI-IP Routing Control systems

IP and Hybrid SDI-IP Routing Control systems

Built upon decades of systems design and operational experience


SAM Principles of IP control

SAM’s IP routing solution is built upon decades of systems design and operational experience in what works for real time media and broadcasting systems. We’ve taken those principles and applied them to IP and Hybrid SDI-IP systems to ensure that live stream switching works under the stresses of production.

Buy an SDN if you like, the choice is yours

Software Defined Networking (SDN) control systems are intended to prioritized IP traffic so that if link overload occurs the system knows which traffic type to drop. Here at SAM we build live stream production and delivery systems intended to replace SDI using IP technology. Intelligent non-blocking IP router means that such prioritization is as unnecessary as it is unwelcome.  Built on standard protocols such as IGMPv3 (Internet Group Management Protocol) and PIM-SSM (Protocol Independent Multicast – Source Specific Multicast) SAM’s IP routing control systems work with IP routers from multiple manufacturers. We don’t restrict your choice of IP router vendor nor do we impose the purchase of special IP routers from us or anyone else. We don’t use SDN systems for our solutions because they restrict the choice of IP router vendors you can use in the same system, plus they simply aren’t needed to switch media in our systems. 

SDI or better in IP systems

Improved flexibility is an important aspect of IP based systems. Agnostic to the traffic being carried, the IP network can manage a variety of media signal types, simultaneously bi-directionally and over the same physical link. In production systems dealing with real time streams, SDI or IP or hybrid, security and reliability are always important.  SAM has fully implemented SMPTE 2022-7 to ensure all our products support two IP streams from source to destination and ensure security of operation in IP routing solutions. Those links can be over separate networks and via separate switches from different manufacturers, it’s all part of SAM’s efforts to help our customers control technology risk your way.

Operator Friendly

In the heat of media production there’s no doubt operators are under pressure. While configuration fault finding and set up may be different, there should be zero difference between operating an SDI system to and IP system. SAM’s IP routing control system operates in pure or hybrid environments from standard router control consoles and standard push button router control panels.  Multi-level break away audio on a router control panel is just the same in IP systems from SAM.


  • Fully Integrated Controller in 1U Rack Server
  • SMPTE 2022-6, AES67, VSF TR03 RTP & TR04 compliant
  • Scalable to 16K equivalent video signal ports
  • ‘Self Discovery’ of Edge Devices
  • ‘Make-before-Break’ or ‘Break-before-Make’ destination switching
  • Agnostic with respect to COTS IP Routers
  • Full controller & network redundancy
  • SMPTE. ST2022-7 Data Redundancy compliant

IP Edge Generic system

IP-Edge is a fully scalable IP Routing System from small to enterprise wide operations.

The IPEDGE-SRV (IP Edge Server) forms the hub of the system and one of two variants can be purchased. These are the IPEDGE -SRV-D and IPEDGE-SRV-S for either dual redundant or single controller implementations respectively. Whilst a single IPEDGDE-SRV physical server has dual redundant power supplies a fully redundant system requires two servers operating in parallel as offered by the IPEGDE-SRV-D option.

The IPEDGE-SRV is supplied with all system software pre installed. The system software consists of two main elements. The first is S-A-M’s Standard Router Controller based on the Workbench software allowing control using existing PC clients (i.e. Live Runner) and the Luna range of hardware control panels (see below). The second is an IP Router Adapter package that maps and interfaces all the IP Edge Devices (see below) to the Standard Router Controller

All the received and transmitted signals (audio, video & data) at the ports on all the IP Edge

Devices are mapped to Source and Destination ports named in the controller in the normal way. A third software package, the IP Network Controller, is provided for installation on a PC/Terminal for configuration (& mapping) of the IP Router Adapter. A typical system controlled by IP-Edge is shown below:

IP Edge Example system: Live International Production - High Definition over pure IP

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