Intelligent Infrastructure Solution Through Media Assurance

Intelligent Infrastructure Solution Through Media Assurance

Using SAM’s unique media biometric signature technology

A revolution in production system efficiency

Media Assurance automatically checks and verifies media throughout a broadcast workflow. Whether its video, audio or metadata, SAM’s Media Assurance solution auto corrects and detects in real time offering full intelligence integrity across a multitude of channels for all forms of media processing. Working as a non-destructive and invisible operation, all detection, analysis and reporting is fast and effective.

SAMs Media Assurance solution is achieved using our intelligent technology Media Biometrics. Media Biometrics creates signatures generated by MBGs (Media Biometric Generators) and analysed and compared using APs (Assurance Points)

SAM’s Media Assurance solution is offered as a pure software solution run on SigMA, a licenses based service platform and as hardware using IQ series modules to integrate into any customers system installation.

Reduce cost and complexity through intelligence

Working with media biometric generators and assurance points, the intelligence the Media Assurance services provide will dramatically cut the cost and complexity of monitoring in large installations and make exception-based and schedule-aware monitoring even more effective. More channels can be monitored per operator whilst improving analysis and identification times significantly. Remedial actions by operators can be more effective by taking them directly to the issue at hand.  Products that will support media biometrics signature generation and assurance points include Kahuna Switchers, Sirius Routers, ICE, ICE IP and ICE SDC playout solutions and the IQ Modular range. The information and intelligence generated can be shared via the RollCall system to system operators and others.

Robust analysis

Media Biometric signatures are format, framerate and aspect ratio independent so the intelligence they give can be applied throughout a complete production and distribution pipeline. Despite many processing stages or media manipulations media can still be correctly identified and analysed. The signatures are small so they can easily be distributed over IP networks already in technical infrastructure . They are also produced quickly enabling comparisons in only a couple of seconds.

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Media Assurance features


Lip Sync

Lip Sync iconThe Lip Sync feature offers complete assurance that all audio channels are in sync and co-timed with the video. This relative delay measurement offers millisecond accuracy.

Media match

Media match iconMedia Match offers confirmation that two media streams have been derived from the same essence. Media Match can be used for video, audio and captions.
While the video may have been processed or have additional graphics added it is essentially the same media.

Video/Audio Confidence Monitoring

Video/Audio Confidence Monitoring iconThis feature analyzes a single signature, providing confidence that the video/audio are present and active and that the video is not black or still.
Audio level meters provide confidence the audio is not too quiet or loud.

Channel match

Channel match iconChannel Match provides confirmation that two playout channels are exactly the same, including logos, captions, branding and media essence, and have not been corrupted by any form of processing.

Quality Match

Quality Match iconMatch verifies that two media streams are the equivalent in terms of quality. Thresholds can be userspecified ensuring that if the quality is lower than intended an exception will be raised. This feature can also be used to detect signal integrity: incorrect compression, intermittent video, satellite drop outs, etc.

Schedule Match

Schedule match iconSchedule Match provides confirmation the playout media matches the playout schedule published by SAM’s enterprise automation system Morpheus.


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