Software defined channel for virtualized IP playout


Fully featured, software only playout solution from SAM

ICE SDC is the latest member of the ICE family having been deployed in large and small, IP-only, data center environments using commodity IT servers and the public cloud. Its available with uncompressed and compressed IP inputs and outputs.

ICE SDC realizes fully featured broadcast channels with a pure software implementation and utilizes Morpheus and ICE technology to provide SAM’s industry leading reliability and compatibility. By sharing a common code base with the hardware appliance ICE, SAM can provide the same best in class integrated playout feature set. The feature set includes advanced on air branding and a huge range of audio and ancillary data functionality. For details, please review the ICE Data Sheet.


  • Uncompressed and compressed IP stream inputs and outputs
  • ICE supports a multitude of file codec and wrapper formats, back to back.
  • Fully compatible with ICE’s file support.
  • Full Master Control functionality via Morpheus UX control panels
  • Make playlist changes 2 seconds before air with confidence
  • Multiple DSKs and DVEs
  • RSS/XML Text Crawls
  • Still and animated logos
  • Advanced 3D graphics for premium quality broadcast branding
  • Audio Overs. Live or files
  • Dolby E decode and encode
  • Loudness assessment and adjustment
  • Closed Captions and Subtitles in multiple formats and languages
  • Automatic HD upscaling and SD downscaling that respect source AFDs
  • ARCing and AFD insertion
  • V-Chip and XDS insertion
  • Audio Measurement from Nielsen or Kantar Media
  • Fixed latency from input to output
  • Mix transitions between any sources, including live inputs
  • Ancillary Data: Preserve, pass through, insert, and up/down conversion
  • Media Biometrics. SAM's technology for uniquely identifying content and automate fault finding on signals and media

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