Go! Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro

Go! Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro

Create great content for OTT and live television

Go! plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro

Go! plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro allows teams of people to work together to create great content for OTT and live television.

Go! plugin for Adobe Premiere is a comprehensive tool kit for building workflows around ingest, editing, playout, file exporting, archiving, logging, newsroom computer systems, routers, media asset management, and system management. Many of these workflows are provided by third parties so integration is key in keeping the workflow seamless.

The Go! plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro allows just that. 

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Adobe Premiere Pro Plugin

Using the Go! plugin for Adobe Premiere media in your Premiere Pro workflow couldn’t be simpler. Searching Go! plugin directly from Premiere Pro, previewing and downloading clips and sub-clips for live recording and in-progress ingests, adding local content and effects and then uploading your finished program back to Go! is fast and simple. 

The Go! plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro empowers you to get the job done quickly when time is critical, using the tools and workflows you’re familiar with.

The plugin is easy to use with no training required. It allows Premiere Pro editors to use their existing software, to avoid the disruption and high costs associated with new software installation and training programs.

Key Benefits

  • Simple one-click plugin installation
  • No local license required
  • Appears as a native Premiere Pro panel
  • No need for dual ingest and file movement
  • Fast and simple operation

Simple Search

  • Four tabs for easy workflow
    • Search
    • Player
    • Upload
    • All Transfers
  • Powerful search on all metadata
    • Use wild cards *
  • Download growing files
  • In-line thumbnail for quick visual identification

Video Preview & Sub-Clip

  • Video preview, including Jog & Shuttle
  • Mark in and out points
  • Download multiple sub-clips and whole clips

SAM Clip Download & Management

  • Download to local Premiere Pro Bin
  • Clear & simple download progress
  • Actions to better manage downloads and the queue

Premiere Pro as Normal

  • Use downloaded clips in your normal Premiere Pro workflow


  • SAM HTTP Transformer - v5.4 rev 8
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 or newer
  • Adobe Media Encoder – same version as Premiere pro
  • Inherits hardware and OS support from Premiere Pro
  • Supports Mac and PC

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