Go! - Browser-Based Timeline Video Editor

Go! - Browser-Based Timeline Video Editor

Mobile creativity

Go! – View, review and edit on any device

Go is our new multi-platform editor. Designed with speed and ease of use in mind. Go! enables users to access VIBE content from almost anywhere with only a browser. 

Content everywhere

Upload local media and combine with clips and sequences stored in VIBE. Add a voice-over and simple effects to breaking news stories. Create instant posts to Social Media direct from the scene.

Go screen shot


  • Go! runs in almost any web browser with no need to pre-install or configure
  • Easy to learn
  • Viewing and editing at home, in the airport or on location, anywhere
  • Go! powers the SAM plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe interface


  • Multiple audio track editing
  • Ability to work with media off IT Storage and/or sQ Server (VIBE)
  • Advanced search tools
  • Create news packages on any device, virtually anywhere
  • Watch live recordings and in-progress file ingests
  • Add clips and sub-clips to the timeline
  • Publish bins to other facilities for delivery or craft editing
  • Download MXFs
  • Grab still frames
  • View and edit metadata
  • Add and view clip annotations

Workflow Features

  • Collaborate with other users; add, view and work with comments and markers
  • Edit Metadata
    • Trigger automated workflows such as Export or Auto QC
    • Transfer Ownership to other team members 
    • Download content for local work:
      Full or sub clips as MXF & MP4
      Multi-channel wav audio files
      Full quality still frames
      Entire clip bin as a single flat MXF

Technical Specifications for Go!

Requires an existing Enterprise sQ System V5 or newer
Requires v5.4 rev 8 HTTP Transformer software or newer
Each concurrent logged-on user requires a Concurrent Access License or CAL
Requires a minimum of 1MB/s bandwidth and less than 50 m/s latency bandwidth back to main facility, delivering 1MB/s video.

Technical Summary

  • “Any device” browser-based timeline video editor selection
  • View your content virtually anywhere, create timelines with FX and publish back to main facility
  • Requires LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G
  • Anything higher than 1MB/s
  • Tolerant of network jitter, latency
  • High bandwidth and low latency recommended for best experience
  • Works best with Google Chrome

Supported Devices

Being a true web browser-based remote editor, Go! is so versatile there are no specific devices it won’t work with; Go! offers full flexibility and the freedom to work on any device at any time.

As long as the device runs a modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Go! will work with no problems.

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