Flexible Up To 4 M/Es - Kahuna 4800

Flexible Up To 4 M/Es - Kahuna 4800

Entry level production switching for news, sports and light entertainment


Kahuna 4800, the complete production switcher package

Offering a feature rich, future proof production switcher designed to offer more for less.

Kahuna 4800 enables less effect heavy, cost sensitive applications to produce high quality productions with an easy to use interface for smooth integration into any production environment. Perfect for news, magazine, education or house of worship, Kahuna 4800 offers the ideal solution to maximize on creativity and operations without the extensive costs of larger production switchers.

A smart smaller production switcher offering 2 to 4M/Es with a big feature set including 2.5 DVE and up to 24 key layers on a fully populated system that also enables simultaneous multi-format productions in SD, HD, 1080p, 4K and IP with FormatFusion3.

The Kahuna 4800 is IP ready, giving you the choice to switch to IP today or transition via a hybrid route by amalgamating an SDI and IP workflow simultaneously. This is achieved by mix and matching input and output fins depending on your requirements.

Ideal for Kahuna Maverik

Combined with SAM’s flexible switcher control surface, Kahuna Maverik - perfect for every type of studio and mobile programming - the Kahuna 4800 provides a hugely bolstered feature set, including more power per M/E functionality and enhanced DVE resize engines, including 2.5 DVE and advanced chroma key capabilities on all keyers.

Main features

The Kahuna 4800 is the complete production switcher package. As standard the package includes the mainframe, graphical user interface (GUI) and the Snell MLC control panel. Simply select the product configuration by the number of M/Es required..

  • Up to 4 M/Es
  • SD/HD/1080p/4K production switcher
  • 4 keyers per M/E regardless of format
    • 2 superkeyers with linear, luminance, chroma key
    • 4 resize engines with 2.5D DVE manipulation
    • 2 eKeys with linear, luminance and chroma key
  • Up to 60 inputs
  • Up to 32 outputs
  • Internal multiviewer
  • FormatFusion3TM available on all inputs and outputs
  • 3D DVE suite of effects with flexible combiners
  • Large internal clipstore with 10 outputs supporting up to 4 minutes of uncompressed HD video
  • RGB color correction available on all inputs and outputs
  • Programmable outputs
  • Large external integration capacity with 3rd party equipment such as servers, routers, multi-viewers, audio mixers, robotic cameras and graphics devices
  • Supports fi bre inputs and outputs
  • K-Watch and K-Mirror application software also available.







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