Flexible Up To 12 M/Es - Kahuna 6400

Flexible Up To 12 M/Es - Kahuna 6400

Middleweight production switching for news, sports and light entertainment


Mid-size production switcher

Kahuna 6400 delivers plenty of features for the most advanced to the simpler productions for any live production environment. Whether the application is for news, sports, magazine or house of worship, Kahuna 6400 is a future proof solution that will maximize not just your productivity but ROI.

Kahuna 6400 is a flexible, powerful mid-size switcher in a smaller 6U mainframe that can work in SD, HD, 1080p, 4K and IP simultaneously by mix and matching coax, fiber and IP together in the same mainframe. Kahuna 6400 also provides complete freedom with Make M/E technology that enables you to make the best use of keyer, background and output resources by building your own configuration.

The choice to connect unlimited multiple panels to build further galleries and run in any standard independent from the other takes this mid size production switcher to another level of productivity.

Whether SD, HD, 1080p, 4K or IP, the Kahuna 6400 can work in any standard and upgrade seamlessly when the time suits you.

Rich in switcher features

Along with the advanced 3D DVE the Kahuna 6400 features 2.5D resize engines, giving more power at the M/E level. The Kahuna 6400 provides up to 12 M/Es, 24 keyers and 36 key layers with an internal multiviewer and fully integrates with Kahuna Maverik modular panel to build your own control surface depending on your production needs.

Integrating Kahuna with SAM’s range of products, including IQ Modular infrastructure, Sirius 800 Routers, MV 805 MultiViewers, sQ Servers and LiveTouch highlights and replay delivers a complete, all-encompassing live production environment that supports both SDI and IP.

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Main Features

For sporting events, light entertainment shows, news production and presentations either in the studio control room, mobile vehicle or flyaways, the Kahuna 6400 offers an elegant, reliable solution in a well engineered package that is understood the world over.

  • Up to 3 full M/Es
  • Make M/ETM for creating up to 12
  • M/Es for main or aux outputs
  • Every M/E has 8 keyers per M/E regardless of format
    • 4 superkeyers with linear, luminance, chroma key
    • 8 Resize engines with 2.5D DVE manipulation
    • 4 eKeys with linear, luminance and chroma key
  • Up to 60 inputs (12 inputs as standard, upgrade in groups of 12)
  • Up to 32 fully assignable outputs (8 outputs as standard, upgrade in groups of 8)
  • Internal multiviewer
  • FormatFusion3 available on all inputs and outputs
  • 3D DVE suite of effects with flexible combiners
  • Large internal clipstore with 10 outputs supporting 4 minutes of uncompressed HD video
  • RGB color correction available on all inputs and outputs
  • Programmable outputs
  • Large external integration capacity with 3rd party equipment such as servers, routers, multi-viewers, audio mixers, robotic cameras and graphics devices
  • Supports fibre inputs and outputs
  • Controlled with Maverik or the MLC panel family
  • K-Watch and K-Mirror application software also available

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