Flexible 1-3 M/Es - Kula

Flexible 1-3 M/Es - Kula

The most powerful production switcher in its class


The Kula production switcher is the latest product of SAM’s world leading Kahuna family. Its revolutionary design is the big game changer in the live production market.

Available as 1, 2 & 3 M/Es and 1 M/E 4K versions, Kula offers market leading features and functions. The 2M/E version can be switched to 1M/E 4K mode bringing you a new path forward to higher production values.

Whatever the application - broadcast production, Sports, House of Worship, Entertainment and Conference/Events – Kula meets  all your  production needs.

The new Kula production switcher range offers a powerful feature set in a small compact system for easy installation and powerful operations. With a wide range of control panels including the new 24 crosspoint panel available makes operations easy, giving operators access to up to 42 inputs and enabling a larger pool of sources to take to air instantly.

In the galleries where we enrich the feeds coming in we use a SAM Kula – the smaller brother of the Kahuna. In fact, we have six of them.
Karel van der Flier, CCO - NEP The Netherlands

Kula with screenCreativity

Kula offers up to 8 key layers per M/E, an animated clip transition called a Mav Trans, four floating DSKS for flexible keying across all M/Es and a further three key layers on each Sub M/E. All this and still within a 2RU mainframe!

Multi-format Flexibility

Built from the heritage of SAM's award-winning KahunaTM switcher, Kula uses innovative FormatFusion3TM technology to seamlessly mix any format, up to and including 4K - eliminating the need for external conversion equipment.


Kula frees operators to focus on creative aspects of a job. Simple operation and easy set up enables operators to work quickly and efficiently, making more time to work on other elements within the live production environment and reducing costly set up times.

Kula 1ME rackmountFlexibility

With Bi-directional SD/HD ports for input and outputs, Kula enables you to change your configurations from show to show.  If your 1M/E SD/HD Kula needs more than the standard 18 inputs, you can add 6 from the bi-directional group.  If the six SD/HD outputs you have as standard doesn’t offer enough you can double it to 12.

Robust & Resilient

Dual power redundancy as standard provides peace of mind and on-air confidence.

With its 2U mainframe and 19” panel, Kula is the ideal choice for flyaway packs, OB vehicles and events/conferences.  To stand the rigors of transport with constant tear down and set up cycles, Kula is built strong in both chassis and panel mechanics.

Kula applications


Kula is perfect for a broad range of applications:

- Regional News/Magazine Programs / Internet feeds
- Outside / Remote Broadcast
- Flyaway / De-rigs for pop-up productions
- House of Worship, Presentations & Events
- Corporate, Government & Educational


Kula is available as four product options:

  1. 3M/E SD/HD switchable to 1M/E UHD capability
  2. 2M/E SD/HD switchable to 1M/E UHD capability
  3. 1M/E SD/HD
  4. 1M/E UHD

Main features

Kula has been designed for the likes of Houses of Worship, regional news, sports, events, conferences and education. It is the perfect solution for each environment offering a huge range of features. Kula maybe a compact production switcher but it packs a huge punch.

Powerful M/E

Kula offers the most powerful M/E in the market. Each M/E has four keyers with resize engines including split dual tile mode offering 8 key layers, plus a dedicated animated clip transition called a MAV Trans and an A/B background.

Additional sub M/E functionality

Kula offers additional M/Es to the standard M/E functionality. With 2 keys that can be assigned to a 2.5D DVE resize engine offering an extra 3 key layers plus an A/B background for creative productions without burning M/E resources.

Assignable downstream keyers

Four floating DSKs are available within Kula. They can be independently assigned to any output or used downstream of any M/E. They too have resize engines so could essentially make eight key layers.

Capability of delivering multiple outputs

Kula can output multiple standards simultaneously using Kahuna technology FormatFusion 3, opening up more functionality and delivery of HD, SD, 1080p and 4K.

Multiviewer matching Kahuna’s high performance

Kula’s internal mulitviewer offers flexibility with eight heads and 28 tiles to build preview windows to prepare for professional live productions.

Largest Clipstore

The Kula production switcher has the largest internal clipstore in its class. Kula provides ten clipstore outputs with 16GB of RAM which gives up to two minutes of uncompressed HD video and audio.

Large input and output

Considering Kula is a 2RU mainframe it still offers huge amount of input/outputs. With up to 36 inputs and 12 assignable outputs makes Kula a very practical production switcher. For extra flexibility Kula has an extra six bi-directional ports assignable to any input or output.

Supports mixed SD/HD environments

If legacy material is SD and your production is HD, 1 & 2 M/E Kula deals with both standards easily and effectively. Using FormatFusion 3, an award winning internal conversion technology, Kula converts the standard automatically freeing up precious time for your operator to focus on their creative production.

Will deliver UHD and HD in parallel

Up to 3Gbps all functions are supported without any compromises. UHD uses quad link and 2SI and is available on a 2 M/E and 3 M/E Kula at the 1 M/E UHD specification offering dedicated UHD keys, UHD transitions and UHD clipstores.

Control surface that supports direct control and Macro allocation

Kula has a range of panels. It offers up to 16 or 24 crosspoint buttons, separate key control and transition operations and assignable macro buttons with OLED displays for crystal clear identification. For total flexibility Kula can connect to up to eight extra modules to the panel from the Kahuna Maverik modular panel range.

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