Enterprise Routing 200+

Enterprise Routing 200+

Multi-format hybrid routers with processing, 4K, IP and multiviewer support


A High performance router for every application

The enterprise level Sirius 800 series routers offer multi-format, expandable routers with unmatched performance, flexibility and reliability. Offering a range of frame options from 288 x 288 up to 1152 x 1152 and beyond with I/O options including SDI, AES, MADI, 12G-SDI UHD and support for both 40 and 50 GbE SMPTE 2110 IP interfaces.

Built-in processing

The Sirius 800 benefits from advanced hybrid processing (AHP) integrating functionality that would otherwise require extensive external modular infrastructure, including audio processing, frame synchronization, clean and quiet switching, video and audio delay and audio sample rate conversion. AHP also includes input embedding with no external loopbacks; a unique, innovative technology from SAM, which typically delivers 30% more usable ports for a given frame size.

The end-result is what you might call a ‘UHD island’ that also manages the 1080p side. We have two SAM Sirius 850 multi-format, expandable routers; one for UHD and one for 1080p, with each acting as an emergency router for the other.” 

- Trevor Turner, Formula One Management, Television Systems Group Manager

Sirius 800 Series

Sirius 830 Sirius 840 Sirius 850 Sirius 850

Sirius 830

  • 288 x 288 video
  • Integrated MV800 and MV830 - up to 172 multiviewer outputs
  • 15RU

Sirius 840

  • 576 x 576 video
  • Integrated MV800 and MV850 - up to 184 additional multiviewer outputs
  • 27RU

Sirius 850

  • 576 x 1152 video
  • Integrated MV800 and MV850 - up to 172 additional multiviewer outputs
  • 34RU

Sirius 850

  • 1152 x 1152 video
  • Integrated MV800 and MV850 - up to 336 additional multiviewer  outputs
  • 2 x 34RU

Integrated multiviewers

The MV8 Series of integrated multiviewers for the Sirius 800 router range adds sophisticated monitoring capability with no loss of router capacity, no additional rack space, and maintains full redundant crosspoint protection.

SD/HD/4K SDI Today – plus a ready-made pathway to IP

Supporting a hybrid approach to the IP transition, SAM’s Sirius 800 high bandwidth IP interfaces allow direct connection to IP routers, enabling combined IP and SDI routing systems. SAM’s router control system creates a unified SDI/IP system with seamless router control operation.

Contact SAM to find out how you can use our Sirius 800 routers plus the wide variety of other IP enabled products to help you embrace the transition to IP.


Sirius 800 allows any combination of signal formats and processing, with no limitations on signal timing or synchronization, and no compromises on redundancy, monitoring or expansion capability. This flexibility allows systems to be configured ranging from simple video only routing, through to powerful hybrid video and audio systems (with any combination of embedded and discrete audio).

Optional processing capability can be assigned to individual channels, allowing processing where it is needed. Combining multiple racks of embedding and processing equipment into a single chassis saves space, cost and power, and increases overall system reliability.

Our data sheet (below) covers the outline operation and detailed performance specifications, covering

  • System outline, sizes, resilience
  • System architecture
  • Monitoring options
  • Expansion
  • Signal types and interfaces
  • Hybrid router architecture and control concepts
  • Module specifications, including signal performance and Advanced Hybrid Processing options
  • Multiviewer integration

Sirius 800 System Outline Details


Sirius 800 is available in four frame configurations:

  Sirius 830 Sirius 840 Sirius 850  Sirius 850 dual frame 
Video capacity  288 x 288    576 x 576 576 x 1152 1152 x 1152
Audio capacity 9216 x 9216 18432 x 18432 18432 x 18432 36,864x36,864
Router frame 15RU   27RU 34RU 2 x 34RU
External PSU chassis
(120V nominal power)
1 x 2RU chassis
(2 x 2RU chassis with more than
12 Video AH
2 x 2RU chassis 2 x 2RU chassis
(3 x 2RU chassis
with any
expansion and
more than 24 Video AHP modules)
2 x 2RU chassis
(3 x 2RU chassis
with any expansion
and more than 24
Video AHP modules)
External PSU chassis
(230V nominal power)
1 x 2RU chassis 1 x 2RU chassis
(2 x 2RU chassis
with more than
36 Video AHP modules)
2 x 2RU chassis PER ROUTER
2 x 2RU chassis
Video redundancy 1 + 1 4 + 1 4 +1   4 + 1 
Audio redundancy 1 + 1 1 + 1  1 + 1  1 + 1 (2 off) 

Redundancy and Resilience

All systems support:

  • dual redundant PSUs
  • dual redundant controllers
  • redundant video crosspoints
  • redundant audio crosspoints

Video crosspoint size: 288 x 288
Audio crosspoint size: 36,864 x 18,432

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