Alchemist XF Deployment

Alchemist XF Deployment

How to deploy

Software only deployment

The versatile nature of the framework and its products, such as Alchemist XF, means that it can run on relatively low end, cost effective infrastructure through to state of the art high end enterprise solutions.

Deploy with all forms of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) IT infrastructure

xFile has been specifically engineered to support AMD and NVIDIA GPUs (consumer and enterprise) and can be used with both Windows and Linux operating systems.

To help you make an informed hardware purchasing decision and ensure that you have the appropriate performance for your requirements, we have put together a comprehensive guide.

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Download Alchemist XF Optimizing performance guide

Stand alone turnkey

We understand the needs of our software better than anyone else. We have mastered which GPUs offer the optimum performance for high end OpenCL media processing and how many PCI lanes are required to unleash the full potential of a multi-GPU system.

We have ensured you have fast memory and enough of it to convert even 4K media! All this combined with our extensive thermal analysis, high powered efficient PSU and a robust, versatile form factor provides solutions worthy of the SAM brand.

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