Vista Studios Dives Head First Into 4K And Multi-Format Services

13 June 2017 - via

Vista studios building

While there’s been a lot of talk about 4K production, the majority of it has been completed by mobile production trucks producing live sports and entertainment programs. Production studios, with their legacy of HD gear and infrastructure, have cautiously upgraded parts of their facilities to new cameras, switchers and other devices, but a wholesale migration from HD to 4K has been slow and strategically calculated.

However, a new studio facility in Los Angeles called Vista Studios has just opened to fulfill a demand that is increasing with every day. Company co-founder and CEO Randall Heer said Vista Studios is the “first greenfield build” of a fully independent, multi-services production facility in Los Angeles. Other studios in the area have long-time affiliations with the major Hollywood motion picture studios and broadcast networks. It’s also a non-union facility that can support both union and non-union productions (which can help keep client costs down).

“Our company is unique in that we are backed entirely by private equity and are not affiliated with any studio or large media company; like many of the other facilities in this area,” Heer said. “We’re here to serve the open marketplace with technology that is flexible enough to handle any type of project. In our minds, the world of high-quality video production is booming and there is a real need in the marketplace for high-quality 4K production, so we’re stepping in to fulfill it.”

When we looked at production switchers, SAM was not talking about doing four-wire/quadrant configurations, they supported our vision of a single-source (12 Gbps) 4K infrastructure,” he said. “There’s much less cabling, cost and points of failure to worry about.

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