Plotting a course through 2018: The vendors' view

3 January 2018 - via

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What will be the hot topics in 2018? What will lead the debate on IBC365? And what are we likely to be talking about when we all meet in September in Amsterdam? Manufacturers and vendors offer their views.

2018 will be the year we stop focusing on IP. The remarkable work of AIMS and the publication of the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards mean that we are well on the way to easy interoperability.

What is important now is to think of how best to use software-centric technology to make creating, managing and delivering content better.

2018 is a big year for sport, and the biggest events – the Winter Olympics in South Korea and the FIFA World Cup in Russia – are at an inconvenient distance for the world’s biggest broadcasters.

The idea of remote production is very attractive, but it is in an engineering head-to-head with another major trend: the boost in quality brought by 4K and high dynamic range.

“A lot of premium sports are now being done in 4K, including Formula One, as well as the UEFA Champions League, Premier League and more,” says SAM ‎Executive Vice President and General Manager, Live Production & Infrastructure, Robert Szabo-Rowe.

“One of the things that makes 4K easier is higher bandwidth ethernet interfaces (25G, 50G and 100G). The problem of trying to get a 4K signal down legacy 10G IP technology has gone away, so the transition to 4k in IP is easy if you pick the right IP solutions.”

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