NEP UK’s Keith Lane and Simon Moorhead discuss the future of live VR and remote production

27 November 2017 - via

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Taking stock of the latest technological changes as 2017 draws to a close, SVG Europe found NEP UK’s Keith Lane (VP Client Services) and Simon Moorhead (MD) to be in expansive mood as they considered the present and future potential of VR, the outlook for the OB business as a whole, and its own current progress with regards to IP workflow implementation.

Live VR has yet to take off as some predicted it might. What will it take for it to really go commercial? 

Keith Lane: We have been involved in productions where live VR has been used to bring an immersive view point to the consumer, it does have an audience but can have a limiting feel due to the restriction in the number of angles and content that can be captured.

The technology of capture and delivery has improved and continues to do so, as a result VR is being considered more by rights holders and production teams. It needs to be complementary to the main broadcast but also add an enhancement to the coverage, an insight that allows the consumer to really experience the event from a different perspective and with additional content.

The momentum is picking up but it will still take time to hit the masses. The funding for this experience is often led by consumer tech businesses. The next big step is to establish a financial case by a broadcaster or rights holder that makes VR a live regular product, along with what the consumer wants and values and is prepared to pay for.

We are now constructing two IP-based trucks available in Spring 2018 based around SAM infrastructure, Arista routers, Calrec sound desks and SAM visions mixers. Our IP-based trucks will also be capable of 2110 operation.

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